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Jodi Arias Jury Reaches A Verdict!

It was just announced that a verdict has been reached in the Jodi Arias murder trial! The verdict will be announced at 1:30PST, according to HLN News. This is the moment we have all been nervously waiting for folks. I have to admit to being very very nervous about this verdict. After hearing months of testimony, the jury realizes the seriousness of the charges and the potential implications for Jodi Arias. 

Arias reportedly has been held in a cell or room in the basement level of the Superior Court House during jury deliberations for the last several days. This has to be surreal for her - nearly 5 years after killing Travis Alexander, she will finally be held accountable for this brutal crime. The only thing that remains to be seen is the extent of her punishment. As she sat through her own death penalty trial, often times she seemed disconnected to what was going on around her as she doodled and wrote in the small composition book at her defense table. It was almost as if this was somebody else's reality, not hers. Do you believe Arias thinks there was any way she would be acquitted for this murder? Does she seem remorseful, all these years later?

I'm surprised that Arias' attorneys haven't come down on her for continuing to send tweets via Donovan Bering from behind bars. Her often snide comments about the prosecutor and the media may very well come back to haunt her during sentencing. It certainly doesn't make her look good to be carrying on as if she was a misunderstood B-List celebrity wanna be. She never really showed any real compassion for Travis Alexander or his family, although she really wanted the world to think she was protecting his secret. Kirk Nurmi kept referring to sex, lies, love and dirty little secrets during his closing arguments. I'd say a more accurate depiction would be dirty little lies. 

Jodi Arias had a big credibility issue going into this trial, before she ever opened her mouth on that witness stand. Her outrageous accusations against the man she murdered made her appear even more cold blooded, manipulative and just plain evil. Had there been just one little fact that could back up any part of her abuse claims, she may have stood a chance at selling the self-defense story. But to get on the witness stand and call someone a pedophile is just as heinous as the murder was. Jodi Arias knew that Travis or anybody else wouldn't be able to prove that she was lying. She carefully chose her accusations so they could not be disproved by the prosecutor or any other witness. Big miscalculation on her part, because if it comes down to believing Jodi Arias or believing Deanna Reid, Lisa (Andrews) Daidone or Mimi Hall about the way Travis Alexander treated women - Jodi Arias will lose the credibility battle. Has the nature of her lies angered and outraged the jury? 

We are very close to finding out! The verdict will be announced in 90 minutes, there's little we can do but wait - but I'm still praying the verdict is fitting for this crime. There should be no room for compromise with murder - manslaughter should not even be a consideration, and I hope the jury didn't split the difference and go with second degree murder. There is no verdict that can bring Travis Alexander back to his family and his friends. There is only one just verdict in this case. May the verdict bring a little peace and comfort to everybody who has followed this case. Updates to follow!


  1. Thank you My Forte fo all that you do to shine light into this horrible crime. Right now, I am really nervous. I hope as you said "the verdict is fitting for this crime."

  2. I see no remorse at all, and agree, no compassion. I am nervous, too, My Forte. But believe they have reached the right conclusion.

    It seems in the 48 hours show she was already planning her lies about Travis and their relationship. Didn't she say something along the lines of: no one knows what went on behind the closed doors but us? So, I agree, she carefully set up lies that would be hard to disprove.


  3. I make my living off the Evening News Just give me somethin', somethin' I can use People love it when you lose, they love dirty laundry

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  4. I am SO nervous My Forte! My tummy's doing flip flops. I told my husband "you need to do a beer run on your way home from work!". I am also praying for a first degree murder charge and nothing less, whether it's death penalty or life without parole, I really don't care. So long as she doesn't see freedom again.

    I listened to a 3 hour interview with Chris Hughes and he brought up the fact that the defense had FIVE years, to find even ONE person to come forward and say they were abused, mistreated or molested by Travis. Who did they find? Nobody. In 5 years not one single person could they find to say anything bad about Travis.

    Thank you so much for your awesome blog posts My Forte, I've got your page bookmarked and will continue to come back even after this trial is all over:)

    1. Yes, thank you My Forte!! This is a great place to be!! You writing and view is fantastic.

      Anon, Chris's interview was incredible. That whole part about Jodi working it in front of the mirror at the conference. So bizarre? Who does that?!?


    2. Please tell me more about this tidbit abou Jodi workining it in front of the mirror at the conference?
      On my work computer I'm not able to access audi or video, so I can't see Chris's interview.
      It would be much appreciated!

  5. I have been on call for jury duty this week and if anything other than First Degree Murder One comes at 1:30 pm PST I will never serve on jury duty again! I will lose faith in our system.
    Thank you Forte. You are awesome. Your other readers are very well informed as well. I vision holding hands with all of you and praying for Justice. Cheryl

    1. Amen to that Cheryl!

  6. it's so funny that one news person on Arizona channel said they will not give her death penality becasue they liked her an she is beautiful. I said, BS.

    1. That's so ridiculous. I think that age would play into it more than looks.

    2. I just had to repost on this thread before the verdict:

      I have a theory I want to share with you... My mom and I watch a lot of cold case type shows and it seems to me that the guilty people don't cry when they get a guilty verdict because they already know they did it.

      So I am curious to see if JA cries today. I bet she doesn't! But I also bet she doesn't smirk either!


    3. I agree, Sonja. That is probably why so many people are emotionless when a guilty verdict is read. I think the only reason Jodi looked a tiny bit teary is because she couldn't believe she didn't get away with it.


  7. Yay! Fantastic and smart jury!

    Murder One!

  8. I am happy she got what she deserve. Did you guys see that she wnats to cry but hold back her tears. Why she did not cry?


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