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Take The MyCrimeTime Quiz!

Ready to test your MyCrimeTime knowledge?  Even if you don't regularly stop by this blog site, take the quiz and see how well you do! I'd rate these as beginner level questions, so give it a shot.  Answers are below. Good luck!

What was the name of the club where Casey Anthony participated in the "hot body" contest?What is the name of Jodi Arias' first real boyfriend?What was the name of Christopher Coleman's mistress?How many times did Susan Wright stab husband Jeff Wright?How many times has Drew Peterson been married?What was the name of the Judge who presided over the OJ Simpson trial?What was the name of the restaurant Nicole Brown Simpson had dinner with her family at the night she was murdered?What actor played the role of prosecutor Jeff Ashton in Lifetime's movie based on the Casey Anthony trial?What drug did Michelle Michael use to kill husband Jim with?What was the name of Casey Anthony's boyfriend?What was the name of the street the Anthony&…

Can Cold Justice Get Indictment in 1997 Murders of Marisol & Andrew Gonzalez?

Another great episode of TNT's Cold Justice played out last night, as this is rapidly becoming my favorite crime-themed show. In episode #4, the Cold Justice team of Kelly Siegler, Yolanda McClary, Alan Brown & Armando Perez headed to Cottonwood, Arizona to investigate the unsolved murder of 17 year old Marisol Gonzalez.  Siegler, a veteran former prosecutor with a ton of murder prosecutions under her belt was visibly touched by the cruelty of this unsolved murder.  Not only was Marisol a teenager, she was carrying a full term baby when she was shot in the face on March 25, 1997 in an alleyway just a block from her house.

According to Marisol's family and friends, she was scheduled to give birth to her first son who already had a name - Andrew.  She was 9 months and 1 week pregnant.  Who could kill a young woman who was carrying a full term baby? What kind of monster would be capable of that kind of cruelty?  Rumors around Cottonwood during the original investigation center…