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Arias Explains Fatal Road Trip - June 4, 2008

The defense is finally getting to Jodi Arias's fatal June 4, 2008 road trip and trying to take the sting out of some of the State's evidence against her before Juan Martinez gets a shot at her.  As we speak, Kirk Nurmi is questioning Arias on whether or not she arrived at Travis Alexander's home with a gun or a knife.  She claims she did not leave Yreka or arrive in Mesa with either.  (where did she get the gun and knife?) 

Arias explained that on her way to Utah, she had planned to visit ex boyfriends "Matt" and "Daryl" - Daryl is the ex that she lived with and owned a home with. She claimed that Travis did not want her to go to Utah to see Ryan Burns, but rather he wanted her to come to Mesa and see him.  In the same sentence she described Travis as being angry with her for planning to go to Utah but then he was sweet so she decided to visit him.

Here are a few key points that were addressed during today's testimony so far:

The rental car:  Arias ren…

Jodi Arias Trial - One Day Closer to June 4, 2008

Murder defendant Jodi Arias is expected to return to the stand today for her 7th day of testimony.  Arias and her defense attorneys have taken us from a 7 year old Jodi's home life, in which she alleges her mother and father were physically abusive towards her - to every relationship she has had with a man, and through her meeting and dating murder victim Travis Alexander.

The jury has listened patiently, as Arias describes her relationship with Alexander in painstaking detail.  We've heard more than any of us care to.  In the interest of justice and to protect the case against potential appeals, Judge Sherry Stephens has allowed Arias to testify on things that seem irrelevant to self defense - such as their sordid sexual encounters. Arias has spoke, uncontested, about Travis's appetite for role playing (his "antics", according to Arias), his attraction to young boys, an affair he allegedly had with a married woman and the now infamous audio recording that she all…