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Gender Bias And The Death Penalty - Debra Milke Out On Bond

Regardless of where you stand on capital punishment, many states in America still have the death penalty.  The most staggering of statistics is where female offenders are concerned.  While many people stand firmly for or against the death penalty, the lines seem to blur when it comes to sentencing a woman to death.  Men overwhelmingly make up the majority of those on death row today.  It stands to reason that statistics show that violent crimes including rape and murder are more often committed by men.  However, there are women who commit horrendous crimes - the difference in viewing their crimes and the reasons behind the crimes is where the gender inequality seems to begin.

Women have fought for equal rights in this country for decades, however when it comes to murder all things do not seem equal. In the United States, only 13 women have been executed in the last 40 years.  Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center said "there is less enforcement…