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Where are they now - the key players in the Jodi Arias trial

It's been a few years since Jodi Arias relocated to the Perryville Prison in Goodyear Arizona. News of Jodi's activity have mostly dropped out of the media, except the occasional sensational reports of prison weddings and the desire to become a mother!

Most people are savvy enough to realize that most of this talk is pure fiction created primarily for page views or pure gossip. I guess there aren't any alien or Elvis sightings in AZ. I have found myself wondering what she has been up to in prison and a simple inmate search online gave me the scoop. 

According to public prison records, Jodi has only had that one disciplinary infraction since she was transferred to Perryville,and that was the well publicized incident of being disrespectful to prison staff. That infraction occurred on 2/3/16. The infraction cost her contact visits for a period of time but since then she has kept her conduct record clean.

Records show she's had several classification reviews and was denied a lower classification until 11/29/16 when her classification was lowered to a lower custody risk of 4 (versus 5). I believe the lower classification has allows her to have more contact with other inmates and she reportedly now has a cellmate. Prison records ├álso state that since August of last year, she has been working as a building porter. 

It's likely that with continued good behavior she will gain more freedom  within the prison . It appears she continues to try to sell her artwork but I'm not sure how she's able to do so. I've heard the Alexander's still intend to go after her for the wrongful death of Travis Alexander and their attorneys should be able to trace any and all monies Jodi and her family have received from such transactions. Attorneys are good at finding cash people have tried to hide. 

I often wonder if Jodi has or will cross paths with Angela Simpson who is also serving life for a heinous murder in AZ. She was fe├átured on Lockup (MSNBC series) a while back and she's one of the scariest women I've ever seen interviewed on that show. So pain basically held a disabled man hostage and tortured him slowly before finally killing him. She hates the police, she fancies herself an artist too but her drawings were mostly of pigs in police u uniforms being killed. Not Hallmark material. Arias would be wise to steer clear of this inmate at all costs! 

Marissa Default is also at Perryville and I believe they know each other from their days in the Estrella jail. Prison records show Devault has had many infractions ranging from. Promoting prison contraband to disrespecting staff, 6 infractions are listed.  Still, she also is listed as having a job as a "porter, education".

As for the attorneys involved in the trial, much has happened with Kirk Nurmi and Juan Martinez. Nurmi was facing a 4 year suspension over the writing of his tell all book entitled "Trapped withMs. Arias". I think the title captures his true feeling about his client. He reportedly plans to write more books on the trial, so he ultimately chose to be disbarred in AZ rather than face disciplinary hearings on his behavior. Nurmi was reportedly paid $1.325 million to be trapped with Arias. Not bad for a few years work starting as a public defender!

Even the much admired prosecutor Juan Martinez was placed on probation for 1 year after being admonished by the State Bar of AZ for aggressive prosecution tactics on 11 murder cases which includes Arias'.  He is still seen as a local hero for getting Arias convicted to LWOP. 

Defense attorney Jennifer Willmot is now in private practice defending people facing the most serious crimes. What an odd pairing Nurmi and Willmot made. I get the sense they both realize what a huge mistake they made with the pedophile allegations and some of the other uncorroborated allegations they centered their defense around. It further angered people because few people, if anything really believed it. It was clearly a poorly thought out smear campaign. But on the other hand it seemed to help Casey Anthony get acquitted. 

That's about all I have for now. I'm typing this on a small tablet device so please excuse any typos. My laptop is on the fritz again. 
Best wishes to all in the new year!!

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