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Jodi Arias Explains Killing Travis Alexander

The court is having their noon recess now, so I wanted to post an update on what we've heard so far this morning from murder defendant Jodi Arias.  When court resumed this morning, testimony began with the photos that were taken of Travis Alexander in the shower on June 4, 2008. Travis had been getting in shape in anticipation of this the upcoming June 10, 2008 trip to Cancun that he won through his employer, Pre Paid Legal. He had been dieting and exercising since mid 2007 to get himself to a shape and weight he desired. Jodi Arias agreed to take photos of him in the shower, using the water for artistic value.

This doesn't surprise me at all but she claims to have very little memory of the actual killing. The defense has spent hours and days going over every detail of their sex life and Jodi Arias's previous relationships, her childhood - things that are not of vital importance, yet they spent around 5 minutes talking about the actual killing. I'm sure they will have e…