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Sign "Fallon's Petition" - In Honor Of Jennifer Martel, Murder Victim

I continue to be saddened and outraged at some of the things that are happening in our society with shocking frequency - senseless murders, and some of the laws or lack of laws protecting women from the men that abuse them. 

I received an e-mail from requesting my signature on "Fallon's Petition". The story is sad.  If you would like to be a part of enacting positive change to prevent this from happening to another young woman, I would encourage you to use the link at the bottom of this blog entry and sign the petition. They still need a lot of signatures.  Here's part of the e-mail I received, summarizing the victim and circumstances of the murder of 27 year old Jennifer Martel:

"27 year old Jennifer Martel was a caring mom to a little girl.  Working her way through college, Jennifer hoped to become an elementary school teacher.  Jennifer's boyfriend had a long history of criminal activity, including domestic violence, yet he was released on his ow…