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George Zimmerman Arrested After Domestic Violence Incident

George Zimmerman is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons.  He is currently being held without bail in Seminole County jail after being arrested for threatening his live-in girlfriend with a shotgun last week.  Zimmerman, who was acquitted in July of second degree murder charges for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin has had several brushes with the law since the acquittal - including an incident in September where his ex wife called 911 after he threatened her with a gun as she was moving her things out of the home they shared.
George Zimmerman

Did the justice system cut a mad man loose? You've got to wonder - if both stories are in fact true, George Zimmerman should not be allowed anywhere near a firearm.  And it really makes me question his self-defense claims in the Trayvon Martin shooting just a little bit more.  George Zimmerman became the poster boy for gun advocates across the nation with his stand-your-ground type defense and he escaped punishment for shooting an unarmed teenager. To now hear that Zimmerman points a gun in the faces of two women in his life is just outright scary.  It sounds reckless and he sounds like a hot head who has no business owning a gun!

According to the 911 call placed by Samantha Scheibe, George Zimmerman broke a glass table and her sunglasses at her home before pointing a shotgun at her face.  During the call, she told Zimmerman "you put your gun in my freaking face", "get out of my house", "do not push me out of my house" and "please get out of my house!".  Zimmerman then reportedly forced her out the door and locked her out - before barricading himself inside with furniture against the door.  Only after police responding to Scheibe's 911 call arrived did George Zimmerman call 911 himself, telling them that his girlfriend "had gone crazy on me".  When responding officers spoke to Zimmerman, his version of the story was much different than Scheibe's. He denied pointing a gun at her and breaking the table - instead, he says that she is pregnant with his child, and she told him she was raising the baby by herself but she became angry when he tried to leave the house.

Which story sounds more plausible?  Combined with what we know about George Zimmerman and his ex wife's allegation from the September incident, I tend to believe the girlfriend.  Zimmerman was never charged with a crime following his ex wife's 911 call in September because authorities could not prove a crime was committed.  Are they listening now?  I certainly hope so.  Let's hope this isn't another case where the writing is on the wall and law enforcement is too slow to act.  At the very least, charge him for this incident and for God's sake, take away all of George Zimmerman's firearms! If Zimmerman is found guilty of any domestic violence crime, he will not be able to buy a gun from any federally licensed dealer. If he is convicted of any gun related charge, it could prevent him from from being able to renew his concealed weapon permit in Florida. That's right, not would, but could prevent him from renewing his concealed weapon permit. That's just wrong.

By the way, Samantha Scheibe denies being pregnant with Zimmerman's child.  

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