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Hiccup Girl Found "Guilty" Of Murder

22 year old Jennifer Mee, who in 2007 became known as "Hiccup Girl" has been found guilty of first degree murder by a jury in Pinellas County, Florida on Friday.  

Mee was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, the only sentence allowable under the law - according to Judge Nancy Moate Ley.  At age 15, Mee reportedly developed hiccups that would not go away. She had appeared on the Today Show and Inside Edition for her odd case of the hiccups.  Mee reportedly tried many therapies to rid herself of the hiccups,which stopped for a period of time and then returned. Mee disappeared from the spotlight and then in the summer of 2007 she disappeared from her family for 24 hours. Her parents found her crying on a park bench. Friends of Mee's say she was afraid her hiccups would hamper her life, and it may even prevent her from getting married. 

According to her family, she suffered from seizures and had to be placed in a psychiatric hospital and may have bee…