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Preliminary hearing for Modesto man charged with killing 6 - Martin Martinez

A preliminary hearing has been set for August 2, 2017 in the case of the State of CA vs. Martin Martinez.  Martinez, a 30 year old man accused of killing 5 people in a Nob Hill Court home in Modesto on July 18,2015.  Martinez is facing the death penalty if convicted of the multiple murders.

The family connections in this case are heartbreaking and a little hard to follow. The victims names and relationship to Martinez are as follows:
Dr. Amanda Crews, ex-girlfriend (38 years old)Rachel, daughter of Amanda Crews and Martin Martinez (6 months old)Elizabeth, daughter of Amanda Crews (6 years old)Anna Brown Romero, mother of Martin Martinez (57 years old)Esmerelda Navarro, niece of Martin Martinez (5 years old In a separate case, Martinez is facing charges for the death of Amanda Crews' 2 year old son Christopher Ripley who died from a head injury in October of 2014 while in the care of Martinez.  Initially ruled an accident, the manner of death was later changed to a homicide and poli…