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The Arias Defense Witnesses - Sentencing Phase

The sentencing phase of the Jodi Arias murder trial is expected to resume on Monday following the sudden cancellation of the Thursday afternoon court session.  The reason for Thursday's delay is still unclear, but rumors point to a potential issue with defense (character) witness Patti Womack not wanting her face to be shown during testimony.  Womack is one of two known witnesses who are expected to speak on Arias' behalf - former Arias boyfriend Darryl Brewer is the other.  I didn't know who Patti Womack was, but when I did some digging around, I quickly recognized her from her telephone interview with HLN's Nancy Grace.

In case you don't watch the HLN News lineup, Patti Womack is described as a "close childhood friend" of Jodi Arias.  When interviewed by Nancy Grace recently, Womack shared childhood photos of the pair and video of her wedding in which Jodi Arias was a bridesmaid.  This is Arias and Womack in an undated photo from HLN's website.  Womack described the Jodi Arias she knew and grew up with - naturally, she was shocked to learn her friend was involved in the murder of Travis Alexander.

From HLN News

There are some rumors on the web that one of Arias' character witnesses may have some issues of her own to contend with, reportedly a DUI arrest involving drugs. I'm not trying to fan the flames around Arias' character witness, however there is a  clip on You Tube where Womack is seen sitting in the court room with Sandy Arias back in late January - the two are laughing and Womack appears to be under the influence of something.  You can check out the clip and judge for yourself! Womack is the woman with the black and white zebra-striped shirt with numerous tattoo's on her left shoulder and arm. I'm not implying that tattoos are in any way associated with substance abuse, just pointing out the tattoos so you don't miss Womack in the short clip!  I'm having issues trying to post the clip on this page, but it's easy to find on You Tube.  

Patti Womack/Sandy Arias, YouTube
I'm not implying that Jodi's friend is a drug addict or a criminal. I simply find it interesting to look at the back story of this cast of characters because it's usually interesting and surprising what we find. Is anybody else curious as to why the mysterious Matt McCartney won't be testifying on Jodi's behalf?  During the trial, Arias described McCartney as somebody who would never betray her - she told the jurors what a great post-relationship friendship they maintained. So what gives?  Does Matt McCartney know too much, and would his testimony become a liability given that Juan Martinez would get to cross examine him? I sense that is the case. Could that be who Arias referred to as having let her down, in her post-conviction interview?

So many twists and turns - this trial has taken on a life of it's own.  It feels like Jodi Arias is handling her infamy almost as if this was a career. Have you ever seen a person facing the death penalty plan a media blitz, selling t-shirts, tweeting and "fund raising" in the manner Jodi Arias has? It's got to be a first. I know I have posted some of her tweets here previously, but I'm constantly astonished at her shameless self-promotion.  She is definitely a case-study in sociopathy.  I have yet to see or hear a single word of apology, regret, sorrow or remorse from the convicted killer.  Any empathy or understanding she may have garnered from people who are against the death penalty is quickly dissolving as her true nature is revealed through her own actions and words.  

Her Twitter activity has slowed down considerably since she was convicted, but her words are reflective of her greed, denial and refusal to take responsibility for the crime.  How fitting that she had these t-shirts printed up, as many people will always suspect Arias herself had the "Travis Alexander's" t-shirt and shorts printed up herself.

" and are the only 2 sites where my art is guaranteed authentic" 1hr

"God's love is so great that He loves even the proud, the selfish, the arrogant,and the wicked" - Dieter F. Uchtdorf  May 15

"If you preorder at "Survivor" tee, shipping began Mon. Thx for furthering the cause" May 15

"Any donations to my family or me are made only at Any other source asking for donations is fraudulent. Thank you"  May 13

"N DisGrace has set back the cause of all women who have survived domestic violence. Her circus makes a mockery of something very serious"  May 6

"RE: commissary, many of the items I didn't receive were for indigent girls less fortunate then me. I thankfully have a mini surplus of food"  May 6

"I wanted so much to avoid trial but the State forced it. My only other option was suicide and well..."  May 6

"I would have signed a plea deal years ago to avoid this disaster, but I was refused a plea as the State and the family refused to settle"  May 6

The victim impact statements read by Samantha and Steven Alexander on Thursday will be hard to follow on when the defense returns to court to beg the jury to spare Arias' life on Monday. With only two (known) character witnesses and Jodi Arias expected to testify on her own behalf, the sentencing phase may not take as long as anticipated.  Many legal analysts believe having Arias on the stand for an unheard of 18 days was a crucial mistake on the part of the defense. Daniel Gibb, dismissed Juror #8 told Dr. Drew that he found much of what Arias said "too far out there". He clearly felt she spent too much time on the witness stand.

Will we see a different Jodi Arias when she makes her final plea to this jury? Will she show any genuine remorse, or do you believe she is incapable of real emotion around this murder? We know she is sorry she got caught, but is she really sorry she did it? How will Arias handle being cross examined by Juan Martinez one last time?  Expect the unexpected with this trial.

Have a great weekend!

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