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Jodi Arias Trial - State Begins Rebuttal Case

 The defense finally rested their case in the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial and Prosecutor Juan Martinez began the state's rebuttal case by calling Abe Abdelhaidi to the stand. Abdelhaidi told jurors he went on a date with Arias and they "made out" and he put his hand down the back of her pants..he called Arias manipulative and promiscuous, the point of his testimony would seem to br that Arias was no shrinking violet when it came to sex.  

The second witness called to the stand was Deanna Reid, a former girlfriend of Travis' who testified that at no point in her relationship with Travis did he ever man handle her as was alleged by a defense mystery witness via a affidavit. I'd love to know why Arias' witnesses require such secrecy, as if this were some kind of mob trial?  The Jodi Arias trial will undoubtedly go down as one of the strangest and most dirty handed criminal trials of our time.  The defense has been essentially free range to implore never ending stall tactics and it seems if anyone was being strong armed here it was Judge Stephens who lost all control over the defense team during the guilt phase of the trial and things only got worse from there.  I can't help but thinking they just chose the wrong Judge to reside over this trial and they should have considered choosing a judge with experience in death penalty trials as this judge seemed to be so afraid of potential appeals she let the defense call the shots and they held her hostage.

One of the most outrageous of her rulings was that Arias' testimony would not be stricken from the record even though Prosecutor Juan Martinez didn't get to cross examine her! In what court of law is that just and fair? Just outrageous and I don't know how Martinez is handling all of these rulings other than being more determined that Travis Alexander finally has some justice. As soon as the Arizona Court of Appeals put an end to the defense teams secret witness testimony and ordered the public be let back in the courtroom, Arias stopped talking and the State had no chance to Challenge anything she said so again she successfully manipulated the system in her favor but in the long run, her game playing may come back to bite her in a big way.  Jurors who have taken time out of their personal lives don't appreciate it when a defendant manipulates the court, I honestly believe that may do Arias in.

The State has the last word here andk Martinez doesn't waste time or mince words, he is hoping to go after her! I only wish the jurors were introduced to all of Arias' money making schemes of the last 6 years while in custody for murder. I"ll be waiting for the verdict and hope it is the appropriate one for such a heartless and cold blooded murder. Either way Jodi Arias will be on a bus to Perryville Prison very soon. Will she join Wendi Andriano on death row or will her life be spared? Jodi Arias should never know freedom or be part of our society again, if not for her murderous actions against Travis Alexander but or her actions since his death.  

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