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Gunmakers Profiting From Mass Shootings

It's an outrage that gun makers are profiting from the blood running in the streets of Las Vegas.  Publicly traded stocks of gun makers tend to rally on such dire news. Sick, yes.  However these loss of life scenarios cause citizens to rise up and demand a new look at gun laws, and the any possible future restriction on the purchase or use of a gun has gun enthusiasts running to their favorite gun shop to stock up.  It's a sad and sick reality.  Shares of Sturm Ruger, Vista Outdoor and American Outdoor Brands, formerly Smith & Wesson rose 4% each after news of the Las Vegas shooting.  A similar trading pattern was seen following the Pulse Night Club massacre.

When will we have had enough of these heartbreaking headlines?  When is enough enough?  We have enough to worry about from those who want to do the USA harm that live outside of our borders to worry about the evil that may lurk within.  It doesn't help that Nevada has some of the most lax gun laws out there. For ex…
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Mass shootings scarring the American landscape - Las Vegas becomes deadliest mass shooting

This may be an unpopular viewpoint but frankly I don't care.  I am truly concerned about how utterly violent America has become and how often we are encountering mass shootings across the country. Is our society changing, are we producing angry and violent people hell bent on killing and injuring others - even innocent people they don't know?  With the influx of 24 hour news via television, Internet, smart phone and social media, we are being flooded with news as soon as it happens.  Look at some of the crazy videos people post on YouTube of themselves with a gun in their hand, or an illegal or modified firearm. They obviously don't expect to get into any type of trouble for these photos so what's the downside for them?

What has happened to our country and why has it become so violent?  In particular gun violence seems to be more prevalent than ever.  Starting with the first mass shooting that got the nation's attention, the Columbine shootings.  Here we had 2 teena…

Martin Martinez had $2 bill with Amanda Crews blood on it in wallet

31 year old Martin Martinez faces charges of child abuse and murder in the 2014 death of his girlfriend's 2 year old son, Christopher Ridley.  Christopher's mother, Dr. Amanda Crews dated Martinez and subsequently had a daughter with him.  Christopher Ridley died after suffering a traumatic head injury while in the care of Martinez.  The puzzling thing about this mysterious case is that Amanda Crews was reportedly supporting Martinez's claim that Christopher's injury was accidental.  She even helped him retain an attorney for this matter.  Everything changed in July of 2015 when Amanda Crews and four other family members were found murdered in her Nob Hill Court home in Modesto, CA.  Martin Martinez was arrested and charged with 5 counts of first degree murder.

Among the murder victims was Martinez's own mother, his 6 month old daughter Rachel, Amanda's 6 year old daughter Elizabeth and a 5 year old girl reported to be his niece.   After Christopher's death,…

Mass Shooting Stuns Las Vegas - Take a Stand

Another headline announces the worst mass shooting in US history, surpassing the carnage in Florida at the Pulse Nightclub - Las Vegas and the Mandalay Bay now hold the unwanted title for the site of the worst mass shooting/killing in America.  This is a distinction nobody wants.  Why does this madness continue? Who has so much hate, destruction and callousness inside to be able to open fire on a crowd gathered to enjoy music in Las Vegas?  Is the shooter that angry at the world that he doesn't care who he hurts, maims or kills? Is the fact that the concert goers are enjoying themselves in a way the shooter is unable to?  The shooter must be someone incapable of feeling joy, empathy, hope or love.  All he must feel is hatred and a desire to punish those who are able to feel love and hope.

I will never understand how a person could point a gun in the direction of a large crowd and indiscriminately shoot, not caring who gets hit or how many lives are altered, cut down, forever change…

A & E Special Revisits Laci Peterson Murder

A & E's mini series on the tragic murders of Modesto resident Laci Peterson and her unborn son Connor has been aired.  Anyone who lives in the greater Bay Area remembers the Christmas-time disappearance of the beautiful Laci, in part because she was 8 months pregnant and she vanished on Christmas Eve.  The story quickly went national and photos of the smiling Laci Peterson were being televised from coast to coast as Modesto residents turned out to help in the search for her.

Laci was reported missing by her stepfather on Christmas Eve, after husband Scott returned to an empty home after going fishing in the San Francisco Bay.  He told law enforcement that Laci was alive and well on Christmas Eve morning when he left for the Berkeley Marina - she planned on taking their dog MacKenzie for a walk in a nearby park.  A neighbor of the Peterson's reportedly found MacKenzie wandering on the street with her leash and put her into the Peterson's back yard.  It was approximately …

Did arrest warrant for murder in 2 year old's death lead to mass murder in Modesto? State of CA vs. Martin Martinez

Dr. Amanda Crews led a busy life.  She was a physician in Modesto and the mother of two young children.  When she left her 2 year old son Christopher in the care of boyfriend Martin "Marty" Martinez, she couldn't have imagined the child would be in danger.  After all, she was just going to pick up her daughter.  Before she left, she reportedly asked Martinez to change Christopher's diaper.  The date was September 30, 2014.  When Crews returned, Christopher had suffered a head injury and was rushed to the hospital where he died on October 2, 2014.

Martin Martinez gave police and doctors different accounts of how Christopher got the injury.  Although initially ruled an accidental death, Crews allegedly assisted Martinez in retaining attorney Steve Foley.  It must have been difficult for Dr. Crews to imagine Martin purposely harming her child.  But she was a doctor - she had to have had questions in the back of her mind that began to plague her.  Christopher's biolog…

Could the "Cold Justice" team get justice for Stacy Peterson?

As you may know, I am a huge fan of the reality TV show "Cold Justice".  In it's fourth season and now with Oxygen, former prosecutor Kelly Siegler teams up with seasoned detectives and travels across the country assisting law enforcement in smaller towns review their unsolved homicide cases.  They have had surprising results. Their work has helped to net many arrests, confessions and new information on some very old cases.  This is a great show.  There is a case that I'd LOVE to see them tackle; although it doesn't particularly fit their criteria because the case didn't occur in a small town with scare resources.  The case has been worked by many law enforcement agencies and I don't believe resources were an issue.  Nonetheless, why not try? The case I'm talking about is the disappearance (and presumed murder) of Stacy Peterson.

It's been a decade plus since the suspicious disappearance of former cop Drew Peterson's fourth wife Stacy.  Unfortu…