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5 Year Anniversary Of Travis Alexander's Murder Passes - What's Next For Jodi Arias?

I was a little saddened yesterday when I looked at the date on the newspaper and noticed the date:  June 4, 2013 - Travis Alexander was murdered by Jodi Arias 5 years ago yesterday.  And still, the justice system has left the fate of Arias up in the air.  Will Maricopa County District Attorney Bill Montgomery follow the wishes of Alexander's family and seat a second jury to decide the penalty phase of this murder trial, or will budget considerations impact the decision and lead to a potential plea deal of life imprisonment for the 32 year old convicted murderer and wannabe-celebrity?

We can only pray that cost does not play a role in this very important decision.  Cost was not a consideration in ensuring the defendant received a fair trial including two defense attorneys, several paid expert witnesses and the mitigation specialist - the victim deserves the same considerations in seeking justice for this crime.  I think it would be a huge mistake on the part of Arizona's top bra…