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The Transformation of Jodi Arias

30 year old Travis Alexander was a successful employee of Pre Paid Legal and a Mormon. A murder victim's religious beliefs rarely makes headlines or into the court minutes - however, much has been made about Alexander's affiliation with the Mormon church in what has become a salacious, made-for-TV trial.  I wouldn't be surprised to see this one play out on Lifetime Movie Network soon.  

Back to this trial. The prosecution rested their case several weeks ago, after calling several witnesses to the stand and presenting a mountain of physical and circumstantial evidence pointing at one person and one person alone - Jodi Arias. The defense admitting Arias killed Alexander during their opening statement, but alleged she did so in self defense - claiming Jodi Arias had to make a decision to either kill or be killed.  If you've been following the case, you know most of the evidence that's been presented.

The defense stunned the courtroom last week by calling defendant Jodi …