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Arias Hawking Wristbands For Appellate Costs

Just when I thought I couldn't be more disgusted with the dollars Jodi Arias is attempting to take from the public, she comes up with another money making scheme.  The latest is in the form of a white rubber wristband, and for $25.00 you too can have one and show your support for this convicted murderer.  Sold "exclusively" on, these are the same style wristbands made popular by people such as Lance Armstrong and are now sold to support causes such as breast cancer research and the like.

From her website:
Jodi’s right to a fair trial has been taken from her. Our justice system has failed her and the result is a wrongful conviction that now must be appealed. Jodi Arias Support Wristbands are now being offered exclusively through this website. They are a symbol of our love and support for her and a way in which we can help raise money for her appeal. All of the proceeds from the sale of these wristbands will be deposited into the JAA Appellate Fund. Every purch…