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Arias Hawking Wristbands For Appellate Costs

Just when I thought I couldn't be more disgusted with the dollars Jodi Arias is attempting to take from the public, she comes up with another money making scheme.  The latest is in the form of a white rubber wristband, and for $25.00 you too can have one and show your support for this convicted murderer.  Sold "exclusively" on, these are the same style wristbands made popular by people such as Lance Armstrong and are now sold to support causes such as breast cancer research and the like.

From her website:

Jodi’s right to a fair trial has been taken from her. Our justice system has failed her and the result is a wrongful conviction that now must be appealed. Jodi Arias Support Wristbands are now being offered exclusively through this website. They are a symbol of our love and support for her and a way in which we can help raise money for her appeal. All of the proceeds from the sale of these wristbands will be deposited into the JAA Appellate Fund. Every purchase is then, in essence, a pledge of $25 towards the fight for Jodi’s freedom. If you believe in her, then fight for her.

Wow. Why does she keep calling this a wrongful conviction?  Her right to a fair trial has been taken from her? There are so many contradictions in her pleas to the public that I can't begin to list them.  One thing seems crystal clear - she wants your money, and perhaps her original artwork, limited edition prints and Survivor t-shirts aren't selling as well as she thought it would.  This is just disgusting.  Let's get the penalty retrial going and ship Ms. Arias off to prison where she so richly deserves to be.  Seems to me she's gotten very comfortable living rent free at the Maricopa County jail.  Isn't jail supposed to be punishment?  

Somebody please make it stop!  Ms. Arias continues to use Twitter as her medium to announce her latest venture, the wristbands:  "to raise funds for appellate costs, wristbands (or "Jodisbands" as many people are calling them) are being sold at ........"posted Jan 2  and "They read "" and "Free Jodi"....also posted Jan 2.  

Uuumghh.  I hate to be the one to burst her bubble, but the chances of "Free Jodi" happening is less than ZERO.  Would you want your son, brother or friend to date this woman?  I know she would like us all to believe the killing of Travis was a one-time heat of the moment event, brought on by months of emotional, sexual and physical trauma and that she's not a real danger to society. Sorry, I don't buy into this way of thinking.  Thankfully most of us would never ever harm another human being in the way she stabbed, sliced, shot and tortured Travis Alexander.  She lost her right to freedom the moment she decided to ambush Travis in that shower stall.

There are not enough wristbands in the world to "Free Jodi". Note to Internal Revenue Service:  please audit this inmate!


  1. She would make Drew Peterson a great wench, she should be asking Diane Downs how to tow your own rope. Jodi needs to tow her own hanging rope.

    1. Anonymous,
      What a couple they would make..maybe she can have her own "win a date with Jodi" contest too like Drew did.


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