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Jodi Arias Saga - Another Book and Movie Coming Out?

It’s been a while since my last post, and I must admit that I truly miss interacting with the people who visited this blog!  Unfortunately, crime never seems to take a day off and murders continue to happen across the country each and every day.  The murder of Travis Alexander seemed to effect many people, complete strangers like you and I – whether it be because of the extremely violent way in which he was killed, the psychopathic traits of his killer or a little of both?  It was a topic that outraged and intrigued us.  How rare is it to have evidence of an attack digitally memorialized?  The facts of the case and the tragic way things unfolded for a seemingly normal couple may be what captivated so many. 
The trial was a long time in the making, and although Jodi Arias is officially a convicted murderer the tale is still unfolding.  The retrial of the penalty phase of the trial is off somewhere in the distance, and after what felt like 24/7 non-stop television and online coverage …