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A Killer Defense - Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Taking a page from the Jose Baez playbook, Jodi Arias's defense attorney wasted no time bringing forth some shocking claims about the intimate relationship between defendant Jodi Arias and murder victim Travis Alexander during her opening statements yesterday.

Jose Baez, an unknown criminal attorney from Florida became a household name after his famously unpopular client Casey Anthony was acquitted on all of the serious charges against her, including murder and aggravated child abuse.  Baez told a stunned courtroom and television audience that Casey Anthony was sexually abused by her father George Anthony at a young age. He used graphic references that won't soon be forgotten to anybody who heard them.

There was never any evidence to substantiate Baez's claims against George Anthony.  Anthony has denied ever abusing Casey, and I for one never believed it.  The defense strategy was to muddy the waters and throw any and all Anthony family member's under the bus. We will pr…