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Showing posts from February 10, 2013

Arias Defense Rips into Travis Alexander's Character

As the defense case continues Monday with murder defendant Jodi Arias on the stand, reports are emerging about the closed door meeting between the attorneys on both sides and Judge Sherry Stephens that occurred last Thursday.  Not much was known about the topic of the meeting, however it's now being reported that Arias will be allowed to give testimony about victim Travis Alexander's alleged "lewd acts" involving the use of pictures of children!

An earlier note that Arias produced, allegedly from Travis Alexander was ruled "inconclusive" by a handwriting analyst - so what exactly will be admitted into evidence aside from the words of Jodi Arias?  This seems outrageous to me - number one, even if you believe Alexander was into children (I DO NOT), what would this information have to do with the self defense claim anyway?  Number two - why would the word of a proven liar be taken as fact in a trial with so much at stake?

Perhaps we'll understand why this ty…