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Jodi Arias, The Cross Examination Is Coming!

OK, am I the only one who thinks this direct examination of Jodi Arias is going painfully slow?  This has turned into the Jodi Arias sideshow - yes, I understand her life is at stake, but as I listen to arguments on both sides on the HLN Networks trial coverage, what seems to be getting lost in all of Jodi Arias's allegations about murder victim Travis Alexander is this:  He is dead, and she killed him.  At this point, I think we get the gist of what the defense is trying to say - Travis Alexander continued to communicate with Jodi Arias long after his friends believed he cut ties with her, but so far I don't see anything proving that she had to be in fear for her life!

The much touted "sex tape" in my opinion, showed that Jodi Arias was a willing and outright enthusiastic participant in these acts.  Yet she gets on the stand and dares to act like these acts disgusted her, and she only complied to please Travis? This is getting old folks.  It's time to get to June 4, 2008.  She's had her day in the sun and we know enough about Jodi Arias's life.  We want to know why she felt the only option she had was to kill him.  Had she had injuries, aside from the cut(s) on her finger when she arrived in Utah to see Ryan Burns, I may have more sympathy for her and her claims of self defense.  He saw her around 12 hours or so after this so called "fight for her life", yet she had no bruises and she acted completely normal?  Does this sound like a person who had to take the most fatal of actions?

I'm at a point where I can barely stand to watch this trial - her attorney, Mr. Nurmi is completely annoying.  They would've been better off using Jennifer Willmott for their direct.  She has a much more pleasant personality than he does.  Arias has been able to say virtually whatever she wants about Travis Alexander, has gone completely unchallenged.  They seem to present evidence that helps her, but it's so one sided that you have to wonder.  If Travis Alexander gave her these "Spideys", insisted she wear them so often, why are there no pictures of said underwear?  She loves to take photos.  We are supposed to take her word for much of what she is telling this jury. Travis Alexander is being completely trashed, after being murdered.  I still say "where's the beef" defense?  Why are there no mentions of the rib kicking, finger breaking or interest in children in the evidence she did save?  Come on!

I'm hoping that the jury is composed of average people who will give her self-serving testimony the appropriate amount of weight it deserves. Show me something that backs up these claims of real domestic abuse.  I really don't care about their intimate life together - that audio tape showed a whole other side of Jodi Arias, and I hope the jurors will remember how different THAT Jodi Arias was.  She claims Travis wasn't the person his friends, family and collegues thought he was.  Guess what, neither was she!  Can't wait to hear her explain June 4, 2008 - so I'll continue to bite my tongue and watch her testimony and patiently wait for Mr. Juan Martinez to get his crack at her!  The time is coming Ms. Arias.....what do you think??

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