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Jodi Arias, The Cross Examination Is Coming!

OK, am I the only one who thinks this direct examination of Jodi Arias is going painfully slow?  This has turned into the Jodi Arias sideshow - yes, I understand her life is at stake, but as I listen to arguments on both sides on the HLN Networks trial coverage, what seems to be getting lost in all of Jodi Arias's allegations about murder victim Travis Alexander is this:  He is dead, and she killed him.  At this point, I think we get the gist of what the defense is trying to say - Travis Alexander continued to communicate with Jodi Arias long after his friends believed he cut ties with her, but so far I don't see anything proving that she had to be in fear for her life!

The much touted "sex tape" in my opinion, showed that Jodi Arias was a willing and outright enthusiastic participant in these acts.  Yet she gets on the stand and dares to act like these acts disgusted her, and she only complied to please Travis? This is getting old folks.  It's time to get to June…