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Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore Proclaims Her Innocence From Prison

Dee Dee Moore has been in a Florida prison for several years now following her conviction for the murder of lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare.  If you have seen the various police interviews of Dee Dee shown on Dateline and many other programs, you know she has told many stories about Abraham's disappearance which ultimately turned into his death investigation after his body was discovered buried in a deep hole covered by concrete - on property owned by Moore.  In 2016, Moore met with reporter Michelle Meredith from WESH and continued to proclaim her innocence.  She now says Abraham offered her $300,000 to bury his remaining lottery money in her yard. Hmm....does the dirt pay more interest than the banks?  She has NO idea how the body ended up buried under concrete on her property. Tha fact that no cash was ever recovered from the concrete tomb didn't seem to phase Moore.

Moore befriended Shakespeare approximately a year after he won the Florida lottery under the guise that she wanted to write a book based on his rags to riches story. Moore had a staffing agency for nurses and probably seemed like a safe person for Abraham to talk to. At this point in his life, he reportedly was tired of being approached by strangers and friends alike for money, which he was known to be generous for. Shakespeare was living a simple life at the time of his lottery windfall and likely didn't have the right people looking out for his best interest to safeguard his money.  He went from essentially living hand to mouth to buying a mansion in Florida, as well as a few cars and a Rolex watch purchased second hand. 

At some point Moore gained his trust enough to let her handle many of his financial affairs and this would ultimately lead to his untimely demise. Abraham Shakespeare simply vanished.  It was common knowledge that his reading and writing skills were at a low level, yet Moore produced letters supposedly written to his mother that she had delivered by a close family friend Greg.  Moore paid him to call Shakespeares mother pretending to be him, as if she wouldn't recognize her own son's voice?  Law enforcement keyed in on Moore after her outlandish and changing stories about Abraham being away on purpose and after finding that she had purchased Shakespeare's home and was living there. They were never able to establish that she actually paid him for the home.

Moore suddenly was flush with cash, buying her boyfriend a $80000 Corvette as well as high end vehicles for herself which she would then sell for the cash. An elaborate sting by law enforcement was put into action and they caught Moore on tape trying to find someone she could pay to take the rap for killing Abraham. She met with an undercover officer who she believed was already going away to prison for a long time who would say he killed the lottery winner for a payment of $50000 from Moore. She took the bait and he convinced her to give up where the body was in order to make it believable to the cops. The plan was to move the body and the murder weapon buried with him.

Sadly, the police found Shakespeare's body right where Moore said it would be. She was caught red handed and arrested. Even with a mountain of evidence pointing squarely at her, the denials persisted.  I didn't see this trial and wasn't familiar with Dee Dee Moore, so I decided to write to her in prison to ask her how someone like her with a business, ended up in prison and how she was adjusting to her new reality. She began writing me back, and I was taken back initially at how articulate and upbeat she seemed. Naturally she tells me she did not commit this crime. She says prison is awful and the conditions are deplorable, but she is making the best of it. She has sent me inspirational articles and cards. After some time she began suggesting that I could help her get the word out of her innocence by getting a TV or film crew come and interview her in prison. She claims she has documents and evidence the jury wasn't allowed to see or consider that points to another killer.

Moore also told me that she was a law abiding citizen who had never been in trouble with the law. I began researching her history and found that wasn't exactly true. I never believed there was exculpatory evidence held back at trial, however if there was it may be compelling. I sense that Dee Dee has a not so we'll hidden agenda writing to me. She points out that a book on her side of the story could be worth a lot of money, comparing herself to Amanda Knox and her book.  I'm writing this post using a tablet which doesn't have the ability to scan documents, but I will share some of her correspondence when I am able to do so.

I have been interested in how ordinary people find themselves serving long sentences after being convicted of violent crimes. I have come to see Moore may not be an ordinary person in that sense. She can be charming and manipulative. She wanted that money and in Abraham Shakespeare, she found the perfect mark. He was a simple man and sadly the lottery windfall ruined and cost him his life.  I will post more details when my laptop is up and running again. Until then, have a great weekend! 

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