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Is Jodi Arias Making More Behind Bars Than She Did On The Outside?

In another sickening revelation, it appears accused murderer Jodi Arias' art work is selling so well that she has announced on her website that "100 Limited Edition Reprints" a sketch called "Hourless" is coming soon. Is this a disgusting display of pure greed, or has Jodi Arias finally found the success from behind bars that alluded her as a free woman?  It has been reported that eBay banned the sales of Arias artwork after several pieces sold caused public outrage, but Arias who has taken to Twitter said that the eBay ban has only increased the value of her art! According to her website, authenticity of true Arias artwork comes via her right thumbprint. Seems her left palmprint is what started this whole thing Ms. Arias.

I'm sure the Alexander family is more concerned with getting through the criminal murder trial before pursing a potential wrongful death case against Jodi Arias, but I hope they eventually do. Arias has shown she does have some artistic ta…

12 Jurors Will Randomly Be Selected To Deliberate Arias' Fate

Closing arguments in the Jodi Arias murder trial are finally in sight after a lengthy trial that began on January 2, 2013. A pool of 18 jurors was chosen for this trial - but only 12 will ultimately participate in deliberations and decide the fate of 32 year old Jodi Arias. The trial has lost two of the 18 jurors, one for health reasons and the other for undetermined reasons. 16 jurors remain on the panel as of this post.

As in all high profile criminal trials not much is known about the identity of the jurors. Here is a look at the remaining jurors and observations noted by people seated in the gallery and according to HLN (the corresponding juror numbers may or may not be accurate, HLN's website appears to have incorrectly listed Juror #11 as a married white female in her 30's, but it's been widely reported  that Juror #11 was a young Hispanic male - for that reason, I swapped their descriptions of Juror #11 and Juror #17):

Juror #1:  a white female believed to be in her 6…