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Jodi Arias' Prison Life - the First Year

Well it's been a while since I've updated this blog. In addition to having no time, there has been little content of interest to write about. Unfortunately, there will undoubtedly be new crimes to discuss, but I think the Jodi Arias case and trial will remain one of the more interesting and memorable - for all the wrong reasons.

The murder shocked the public, and the defendant was a character unlike any I can recall. She seemingly loved the attention the crime and trial generated. She self promoted, she utilized social media from behind bars. She sold "artwork". She has had countless blogs, books and several movies and TV programs dedicated to coverage of her carnage.  She was the woman America loved to hate. She was the new Casey Anthony. 
Since Arias was sent to begin serving her prison term, there have been various stories posted mostly by sites such as Radar Online reporting on everything to her loss of privileges in prison for disrespecting a guard to publishing …