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No Court Today - The Jodi Arias Murder Trial

The Jodi Arias murder trial resumes tomorrow - they seem to have these long breaks in between, I'm not sure why. I would think with a jury that is not sequestered in such a high profile case, they wouldn't have these breaks but I guess it happens.

I don't mean to be insensitive, but did anybody else notice Jodi Arias seems to have a little cold sore or fever blister on her mouth Thursday?? Wonder where/how she got that.  What can we expect to see this week? Hopefully Jodi Arias will wrap up her testimony and then on to the expert witnesses.  

I've been watching some of the trial footage and always seem to catch something I hadn't noticed the first time around.  Like this point:  Jodi described this incident where Travis Alexander pushed her, and she testified that she fell on her knees.  If he pushed  her from behind, maybe. But in the context she was describing, he would've been in front of her. If he pushed her, she would've fallen backwards.

And this:  She …