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No Court Today - The Jodi Arias Murder Trial

The Jodi Arias murder trial resumes tomorrow - they seem to have these long breaks in between, I'm not sure why. I would think with a jury that is not sequestered in such a high profile case, they wouldn't have these breaks but I guess it happens.

I don't mean to be insensitive, but did anybody else notice Jodi Arias seems to have a little cold sore or fever blister on her mouth Thursday?? Wonder where/how she got that.  What can we expect to see this week? Hopefully Jodi Arias will wrap up her testimony and then on to the expert witnesses.  

I've been watching some of the trial footage and always seem to catch something I hadn't noticed the first time around.  Like this point:  Jodi described this incident where Travis Alexander pushed her, and she testified that she fell on her knees.  If he pushed  her from behind, maybe. But in the context she was describing, he would've been in front of her. If he pushed her, she would've fallen backwards.

And this:  She described being choked to unconciousness by Travis.  Wouldn't that have been the time for this mortal fear? She testified that her hands were free while he was on top of her with his hands around her throat, but she claims she didn't want to hurt him - she just tried to get him off of her. Why not run for the gun after that incident?  Does she even know how completely unbelievable her stories are?

That's about all for today - I thought court was back in session today, I was wrong.  Enjoy your day!


  1. Her stories are so rehearsed, She doesn't like being
    cross-examined by Juan because he can see beyond her
    lies. Another thing I noticed in the crime scene photos was
    that the cabinet door was open, I think Jodi stashed the
    gun & knife in there for easy access. It was her idea to have the pics taken in the shower, he was more vulnerable
    & off guard, The pic taken at 5:29:20 PM where he has fear in his eyes, I think she blinded him for a few seconds
    with the flash, then she started stabbing him.

  2. My Forte -

    I saw today that your blog was linked to in a Psychology Today article! Are you aware of that?

    1. Hi NancyB, thanks for letting me know that! I hadn't seen the article and it took a little poking around to find the link ("co-worker") but I just found it. So nice of you to send me the link, thank you again!

  3. The article has now been linked to a FOX site!

    1. NancyB - once again you made my day! Thank you so much for letting me know about these links. I'm still amazed that my blog has gotten as many page views as it has. It's just something I enjoy and it keeps my mind occupied. Aside from the OJ trial, the Lacy Peterson story is one of the first trials/stories that got under my skin. I really enjoy discussing these trials with other people, but most of the people in my "inner circle" are not quite as interested in trials as I am. I really do appreciate you taking the time to let me know about these links! Have a great day NancyB

  4. I believe every word Jodi Arias has told us on the witness stand.
    I believe the psychologist.
    Travis told her she would love being a w****.
    He called her a 3 hole wonder.
    Taking into consideration all the Travis did to her, I can see the rage coming out of her.
    She should have walked away a long time ago.
    I believe she does not want to remember the evil of that day.
    It is truly horrible.
    I think it will be a hung jury.
    Jodie has to live with herself.
    She did a terrible thing but the relationship contributed to her anger.
    Too late to go back.

  5. 1 more thing.
    Juan Martinez is attacking the integrity of the psychologist. He is basically telling him his education means nothing.
    It follows then that he's also attacking the University that educated him.
    Samuels has no vested interest in Jodi Arias. From my lights the only credibility being destroyed here is Martinez's.
    The media is throwing in there their usual judgemental so called insights.
    all it takes is one juror walk Jodi.
    I'm sorry Travis Alexander was brutally murdered.
    But you don't call women names as he called Jodi and expect a good response.
    Jodi will give an account to God.
    in the meantime I think she will walk
    because with Martinez as the prosecutor, doesn't need a defense attorney.


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