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Jodi Arias's Last Blog Entry

(*This is an old post that was in my draft folder...)

Murder defendant Jodi Arias started a blog in April of 2008 and it's still viewable online. Her last (untitled) entry from May 10, 2008 reads:

"I cannot ignore that there is an ever-present yearning and desire that pulses within me. It throbs for gratification and fufillment. It makes me want to wander this entire globe in search of this indefinitive "something", that I might suddenly experience it, discover it, or some other sort of quickening to quench this thirst I've had since childhood. I want to search it out in evergreen forests, fields of tall, golden grass, desert sands, moonlit nights, in the eyes of other children of God, in the eyes of every living creature. It is in all of these things, yet it is fleeting. It has the power and potential to move me to tears in a matter of seconds. It gives life a meaning often realized only in night time dreams; that elusive, intangible fulfillment that permeates the images played out by one's subconscious right before it fades into oblivion, as full consciousness begins to settle in".

Notice the language she uses, "there is an ever-present yearning and desire that pulses within me. It throbs for gratification and fulfillment"? Wonder what or WHO she was thinking of when she wrote that?  The last sentence also got my attention:  "it gives life a meaning often realized only in night time dreams; that elusive, intangible fulfillment that permeates the images played out by one's subconscious right before it fades into oblivion, as full consciousness begins to settle in".

That same day, according to prosecutors, Alexander sent this text to Arias: 

"Why don't you have him come and f**k you in the woods. I can only imagine you are so worried about me reading. You are paranoid because you have no respect for people's privacy and you dare insult me of all people. Someone you should through your actions you hate more than love by denying me a human right of privacy countless times. You have a lot of freaking nerve. We are all not like you in that aspect."

Travis Alexander had an online blog as well, and his last entry before being murdered was titled "Why I Want To Marry A Gold Digger" - this entry was posted on May 18, 2008. Only ten days later on May 28, the Yreka police responded to the "break in" at Arias's grandparents home where the .25 caliber gun was stolen. I wonder if Jodi Arias's planned trip to visit Ryan Burns in Utah, just a week before Travis's Cancun trip was some lame attempt to make him jealous? I was curious about the gas cans and the mileage from Pasadena to Mesa, and from Mesa to West Jordan Utah - trying to figure out Jodi Arias's reasoning for borrowing those gas cans and it doesn't appear the two 5 gallon cans would have been enough to get her from Mesa to Utah, although it may have been enough to get her across the state lines.

According to Rand McNally's online trip calculator, the distances between the cities is:

From Pasadena, CA to Mesa AZ = 387.7 miles, 5 hours 16 minutes
From Mesa, AZ to West Jordan UT = 659.7 miles, 9 hours 38 minutes
From West Jordan UT to Redding CA = 720.3 miles, 10 hours

If Arias left Pasadena with a full tank of gas, she more than likely would have had enough fuel to get to Mesa without refilling the tank. I'm unsure of the make/model of the car she rented, but it seems to me they said it was a Ford Escort. I wasn't able to find the MPG info for a 2007 or 2008 Ford Escort, but the Ford Focus is probably close enough.  A 2 door, 4 cylinder 2008 Ford Focus gets 35 MPG on the highway, 24 with city driving. If you use an average of 30 MPG, it would've taken approximately 12.93 gallons of gas to get from Pasadena to Mesa (388 miles / 30 MPG).

The tank would've been empty or near empty when she arrived in Mesa. If she had two 5 gallon cans full of gas, she would have been able to drive approximately 300 miles away from the crime scene using the gas in the gas cans. The trip from Mesa to Utah was more than 659 miles, so she would have had to stop at some point, but the extra gas she had in those cans probably enabled her to get far enough away to feel safe fueling up the car.

There seems to be no other reason to bring the gas cans with her. She already contradicted herself in saying the reason was to buy cheap "out of state gas", yet she filled them in Pasadena.  She has no receipt from the return of the 3rd gas can from WalMart - she can't get off with the "it's a small store" like she tried to do with the alleged restaurant injury.  Juan Martinez nailed her when he told her that the WalMart she says she returned the gas can to had NO RECORD of ANYBODY returning a 5 gallon gas can on the day in question. Chalk up another lie, proven by the State. 

Driving with cans of gasoline in your trunk can be dangerous, and I don't believe many people do it anymore - unless you are truly going somewhere remote where there may be no gas or services for hundreds of miles. This story is so transparent, and now that Arias has locked herself into the WalMart story, Martinez was able to show the jury that Arias is not telling the truth, and this time she is under oath.  She's going down.  I hear there are more jury questions, so we may see more of Ms. Arias on the stand when testimony resumes on Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. One of Travis's roommates talked about him coming
    home from a date and finding Jodi hiding in his closet.
    He talked about his privacy, and her being a Sociopath.
    He tried to end it and she would tell him that she was
    going to kill herself, I just wish he would have listened
    to his friends, sometimes outsiders can see more about
    a person, she had much more going on, Narcissistic
    Sociopath, pure evil, for sure. From her journal you can
    tell something was definitely off about her writings.

    1. Anonymous, true - she was/is clearly off. But it seems Travis may have been blinded by the physical bond they shared and by the time he discovered just how off she was, sadly it was too late. Who would think knowing somebody for less than 2 years could get you killed?

    In the middle of the page Click on it. takes you to links
    and alot of interesting topics pertaining to this case.
    and I like Tricia's True Crime Radio, it was on last night
    at 8 PM ET. I hope you get to check it out.

  3. I had not seen this picture before, so I am posting it in case others haven’t seen it.

    surprised expression not a pose

    chris stark ‏@stark3923
    #JodiArias Travis Grandmother obituary comment to Travis HERE: My dear Travis, I (cont)

    chris stark ‏@stark3923
    #JodiArias LONG-EMAIL ASKING Travis 2 give Jodi a mention in Travis Blogs

    MUST READ - BIOLOGY OF THE DEFENSE CASE Defense Counsel Information (cont)

    chris stark ‏@stark3923
    #JodiArias Matt McCartney wrote THIS on the Jodi Arias support site, Matt (cont)

    The autopsy photos - The one of his slit throat alone is grounds for the death penalty in my opinion. I’m posting the link BUT be warned that they are horrific so don’t open link if you have a weak stomach. The slit throat is the the 4th photo in the 1st row.

    Now I can see why the court room was in an uproar when JM put this photo up when Lisa Daidone was testifying. Every chance that JM has to show the heinous and heartless attack, that needs to continually be put in the jury’s mind, especially as the defense continues to rip him to shreds in the grave.

    1. NancyB, I think they must have taken those photos down - I don't see the one you are talking about, but I have seen it. And I couldn't agree more that the neck wound is worthy of the death penalty! If you carefully watch the clip of Martinez holding that photo up in court on HLN's website, the photo is clearly visible at the end. Horrible. The crime scene photos are so bad, I can't believe there is a "Team Jodi" out there accepting donations and well wishes for this woman. Don't they see what she did to that man? It just blows my mind.

  4. Mormon Blood Atonement?

    Was Arias soooo out of her mind that she did the Mormon Blood Atonement?

    In Mormonism, blood atonement was a controversial doctrine that taught that murder is so heinous that the atonement of Jesus does not apply. Thus, to atone for these sins the perpetrators must have their blood shed upon the ground as a sacrificial offering. The concept was originally taught by Brigham Young, though it appears to be an expansion on the previous teachings of Joseph Smith, Jr.

    Google and or Bing some of these vidoes Insane!

  5. Testimony is on Wed the 1st, not tuesday..



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