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Jodi Arias Case To Be Featured On "Deadly Sins"

We can now add Investigation Discovery's Deadly Sins to the growing number of crime shows that have featured Jodi Arias and the murder of Travis Alexander in recent years.  The sensational murder trial and the circumstances and evidence associated with the case has captured a large audience as cable and network television continue to pounce on this story while it's hot.  To date, Jodi Arias has been featured on the following:

Dateline48 Hours Hard Evidence20/20"Dirty Little Secrets - The Jodi Arias Story" - Lifetime NetworkWho The Bleep (Did I Marry).....-  Investigation DiscoverySnapped - OxygenDeadly Sins - Investigation DiscoveryIn addition, Arias has given a number of interviews to local media in Phoenix before and after her trial.  Investigation Discovery's Deadly Sins is hosted by Darren Kavinosky, who often appears as a guest on Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchell's shows on HLN network.  Deadly Sins has featured a number of high profile cases, and some…

Jodi Arias Sentencing Re Trial - Life or Death?

It's hard to believe it's been more than 7 months since the Jodi Arias murder trial ended at the sentencing phase with a mistrial.  Although the jury found her guilty of first degree murder for killing Travis Alexander, they were unable to agree on whether she should be sentenced to life or death.  The jury's non-decision was despite the fact that Arias' defense team put on virtually no mitigation case, they never called the few witnesses they had lined up to testify on her behalf.  It seems like a distant memory, the speculation on why witnesses bailed on the defense with claims of threats against them from the public and the prosecutor.  I still don't understand why Jodi Arias' family members were not on the defense witness list, but you better believe there has to be a reason they weren't.

This trial had so many twists, turns, outrageous claims and outright perjury. Remember those magazines, passed off by Arias to a friend during a jailhouse visit?  Remem…

Cold Justice Does It Again - Arrest Warrant Issued In Cold Case

A case that will be featured in Season 2 of TNT's Cold Justice has already produced an arrest warrant in the unsolved disappearance and homicide of 27 year old Tracy Lynn Allen.  Tracy was 27 years old when she vanished in May of 2001. She left her 3 and 6 year old daughters with a neighbor who was babysitting for her, went out one evening and never returned.  Instead, ex husband Garfield Allen picked up the kids from the neighbor and dropped them off at his mother's house.  He told his mother Tracy ran off with another man.  

Tracy and Garfield divorced in 2000 and were known to be having custody issues prior to her disappearance.  I suspect the Altus police department suspected Garfield way back when, but lacked sufficient evidence to take action against him.  Tracy's remains have never been found.  The Cold Justice team agreed to take a look into this case, and in late November an arrest warrant had been issued for Garfield Allen for second degree murder. When authoritie…

Jodi Arias Featured on Oxygen's "Snapped"

I knew it was only a matter of time before Jodi Arias was featured on Oxygen's Snapped, and tonight the first part of a 2-part special on the tragic story airs at 9:00PM ET.  Snapped tells the stories of female killers, and over the years they have featured many high profile cases as well as some not so well known to the public.  They are all chilling, and they do a pretty good job of telling the backstory and facts and circumstances leading up to a murder. Snapped airs in marathon runs on Sundays in my area. 

Snapped has been on air for 13 seasons and has featured Celeste Beard Johnson, Susan Wright, Clara Harris, Pamela Smart, Susan Polk, Mary Winkler, Michelle Michael, Shawna Nelson, Susan Grund, Kelly Ryan, Dalia Dipollito, Rachel Wade and many many more. 

Tonight's show takes a in depth look at the relationship between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander, starting at the beginning of their relationship and through the savage murder, the media circus around the trial and all the…

Jodi Arias and Debra Milke Due in Court Same Day

Fox 10 News' Troy Hayden reported yesterday that earlier this year, Jodi Arias found out that former death-row inmate Debra Milke was being moved to the Maricopa County jail to attend court hearings, and she made a request to jail officials to have Milke housed in the cell next to hers.  As you may know, Debra Milke spent nearly 20 years on death row after being convicted of murder in the death of her young son.  Her conviction was recently overturned and she was taken off death row.  

Earlier this year, Milke was moved from Perryville prison to Maricopa County jail so she could attend hearings in her case.  When Jodi Arias heard this news, she sent a request to jail administrators asking them to put Milke in the cell next to hers! Her request was denied, as inmates are not allowed to pick their "cellies".  How weird is this?  Did Arias want to seek advice from Milke on what death row is like, or was she interested in how Milke got her conviction overturned on appeal? It …

Arias' Motion To Compel Juror Twitter Accounts Denied

There have been some key rulings handed down from Judge Sherry Stephens in the never-ending saga that is the Jodi Arias penalty phase re-trial.  In a December 3, 2013 minute entry, Judge Stephens denied Defendant Arias' Motion to compel juror Twitter accounts:

"In the Motion, Defendant Arias requests the Court order all juror seated in her case to disclose Twitter accounts and/or handles.  Defendant claims the disclosure of this information will assist in investigating whether the jurors have been subjected to any extraneous influences during jury service.  Defendant argues that improper communications between jurors and third parties can invalidate a verdict".  In her ruling, Judge Stephens said "There is no lawful basis for the Court or parties to investigate or monitor jurors absent a credible allegation that juror misconduct has occurred.

The Court will not presume juror misconduct will occur. The Court will not require all jurors to provide their social media acc…

Details Around Arias Re-Trial Closely Guarded

For those of us who followed the sensational murder trial against Jodi Arias and were stunned with the non-decision the jury rendered at sentencing, the wait for the penalty phase retrial seems endless.  When Judge Sherry Stephens declared a mistrial back in late May, she initially set a tentative retrial date for late July of 2013.  What the hell happened?  Endless defense motions, delays and detours and 6 months later here we are where we started in late May. Watching and waiting.  How excruciating must this be for Travis Alexander's family? Seeing the torture on their faces during the trial as their deceased brother was portrayed as a villain, it seemed their nightmare was finally coming to an end with one word: Guilty. Will they ever get to put this ordeal behind them and begin the healing process?  Is healing even possible knowing how Jodi Arias cornered and attacked their brother like an animal? I pray they find the strength to.

Since the mistrial, one of the biggest concerns…

Jodi Arias Seeking Donations - JAA Appellate Fund

Jodi Arias' website, where she is hawking Limited-Edition copies of her artwork for $39.00 a pop now has a link to a site seeking donations for her appeal.  The "JAA Appellate Fund, An Irrevocable Trust"  is the registration on the account set up to take your money to help offset her legal fees!  Hey, wait just a minute....aren't the Arizona taxpayers still paying for her current legal fees?  She wants more of your money.  I won't reference her website here because it seems that every time we turn around Jodi Arias is trying to pick the public's pocket - whether it be via Survivor t-shirts, original artwork, limited edition artwork, and let's not forget the commissary fund - a must for all wrongfully convicted inmates.

Let's talk about this JAA Appellate Fund.  It says the following about the fund and what it was created for:  This is the official donation website for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi Arias's wrongful con…

"Cold Justice" Renews With TNT For Season 2

Producer Dick Wolf and TNT announced there will be a Season 2 of their new hit reality crime show "Cold Justice".  The show, which features veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler, former CSI Yolanda McClary, detective Johnnie Bond and other members of local law enforcement communities will air another ten episodes beginning with the Season Two premiere on Friday, January 17 2014. 

The show premiered in the fall of 2013 and nabbed an impressive market share, and the team's very first televised cold case netted a murder confession from 41 year old Ronnie Hendrick.  In 2001, Pamela Shelly was found dead in the bathroom of the home she shared with Hendricks and her children.  She died from a gunshot wound to the head, her death initially ruled a suicide - but law enforcement was skeptical of the suicide angle from the start, especially after learning that Shelly had loaded up all of her belongings onto a trailer and was ready to move out when she reportedly killed herself!

In additi…

Jodi Arias Is Dangerous, Says Former Cellmate Cassandra Collins


We knew it would only be a matter of time before Jodi Arias took to Twitter to comment on the interview Fox 10 News' Troy Hayden had with one of her former cellies.  In a Tweet posted 1 hr ago, she says:

"Really, @troyhaydenfox10??? A woman who was found by the court to be incompetent to stand trial?"

Cassandra Collins, a former inmate at the Estrella Jail complex who once shared a two bunk cell with Jodi Arias was interviewed recently by Fox 10 News' Troy Hayden, and she provided some chilling insight into the odd thoughts and behaviors of the convicted murderer.  Collins, who is no longer in custody was Arias' cellmate before her infamous murder trial and believes she is dangerous - even behind bars.

She described Arias as a manipulative person, who tried to manipulate every inmate she came into contact with into believing her version of what happened to Travis Alexander.  Collins said "she manipulates...tries to manipulate every inmate in there...…

George Zimmerman Arrested After Domestic Violence Incident

George Zimmerman is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons.  He is currently being held without bail in Seminole County jail after being arrested for threatening his live-in girlfriend with a shotgun last week.  Zimmerman, who was acquitted in July of second degree murder charges for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin has had several brushes with the law since the acquittal - including an incident in September where his ex wife called 911 after he threatened her with a gun as she was moving her things out of the home they shared.

Did the justice system cut a mad man loose? You've got to wonder - if both stories are in fact true, George Zimmerman should not be allowed anywhere near a firearm.  And it really makes me question his self-defense claims in the Trayvon Martin shooting just a little bit more.  George Zimmerman became the poster boy for gun advocates across the nation with his stand-your-ground type defense and he escaped punishment for shooting an unarmed teenager.…

Jodi Arias Continues To Cash In From Behind Bars

As days turn into weeks, and then into months as we wait for word on a start date for the much-anticipated penalty phase re trial of convicted killer Jodi Arias, she continues to orchestrate her online ventures from Sheriff Joe's Estrella Jail.  While the public information officers and jail officials continue to deny that they can stem the flow of "personal property" out of Arias' cell to the hands of her visitors, I seriously doubt this is something they couldn't better manage!

Although Jodi Arias has taken to Twitter and her online book club website that features a Twitter feed, recent comments posted by the felon evidence her activities - how much more evident does this need to become before they put an end to it?  She's convicted now, and as such she should not be allowed to profit from her new found notoriety.  She's been actively tweeting about her limited edition prints:

Oct 29:   "Angel" is now available at

Oct 31:   At this …

Arias Judge Rules On Several Outstanding Motions

It's about time.  It appears that several pending motions have ruled on at last relating to Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial - and this thing may actually happen.  But not until January of 2014.  Outlined in court minute entries, Judge Sherry Stephens ruled on the following:

1)  Ruled in favor of Arias, in precluding or limiting live media coverage of the penalty phase retrial. It was nice to see the Judge acknowledging that Jodi Arias herself was responsible for much of the media interest around her case; contacting them to arrange interviews before, and after her trial. There will be use of Twitter or electronic devices inside the court room in this trial.

2)  Ruled against Arias in her change of venue motion; the trial will remain in Phoenix.

3)  Ruled against Arias in her request for Individualized Voir Dire.

4)  Ruled against Arias in her request to sequester the jury.

5)  Ruled against Arias in her request for fire attorney Kirk Nurmi.

They are calling 400 potential jurors th…