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Jodi Arias Is Dangerous, Says Former Cellmate Cassandra Collins


We knew it would only be a matter of time before Jodi Arias took to Twitter to comment on the interview Fox 10 News' Troy Hayden had with one of her former cellies.  In a Tweet posted 1 hr ago, she says:

"Really, @troyhaydenfox10??? A woman who was found by the court to be incompetent to stand trial?"

Cassandra Collins, a former inmate at the Estrella Jail complex who once shared a two bunk cell with Jodi Arias was interviewed recently by Fox 10 News' Troy Hayden, and she provided some chilling insight into the odd thoughts and behaviors of the convicted murderer.  Collins, who is no longer in custody was Arias' cellmate before her infamous murder trial and believes she is dangerous - even behind bars.

She described Arias as a manipulative person, who tried to manipulate every inmate she came into contact with into believing her version of what happened to Travis Alexander.  Collins said "she manipulates...tries to manipulate every inmate in there...and tried to control how they think about her case.  She'll try to suffocate you with her version and her side". 
She saw the effect Arias had on her fellow inmates when she visited her jail pod back in January and saw the "Jodi is innocent" and "free Jodi" signs the inmates had made.  

Collins also says Arias made what appeared to be a veiled threat against prosecutor Juan Martinez - a threat she believed Arias was serious about, serious enough that the ex-con would recommend that Juan Martinez get some extra security. "He needs to get good security staff around him to make sure she can't get anybody on the outs to solicit harm him or hurt him".  

Collins told Hayden "she (Jodi Arias) once said if she was given the death sentence, she wanted to get her revenge.  She knows inmates on the outs to do a mafia bow-tie...yeah, cut his throat", Collins said.  When the reporter came out and asked her if she believed Arias was referring to prosecutor Juan Martinez, she said "yes, I do.  I really do think she would try to hurt someone".  In an odd twist, Arias once reportedly asked Collins "why doesn't Juan Martinez love me?" Collins was shocked, and answered "love you? He's the prosecutor, he's there to prosecute you for a crime".  Wow, seriously, if this is true - Jodi Arias may be even more delusional than anybody knew.  "She's dangerous, and out of her freakin' mind", Collins said of Arias. It has been reported that back in July of 2009, Arias had a disciplinary write up for being involved in a physical altercation with a cell mate.  Jodi Arias claimed that the other woman pushed her up against the wall and kicked her, and anything she did was basically in self-defense. I wonder how many cell mates Arias has had in her 5 1/2 years? We know she once shared a cell with a Kimberly Ross, and now we know about Cassandra Collins.

Troy Hayden reached out to defense attorney Jennifer Willmott, but she wouldn't comment on the statements made by Cassandra Collins but acknowledged the defense would be looking into it.  The Maricopa County Attorney's office will be looking into the statements as well.  Is it possible that Collins interview was an opportunistic way to get her 15 minutes of fame? It's very possible. Collins says her genuine concern for the safety of prosecutor Juan Martinez is what prompted her to come forward.  As Jodi Arias prepares for her sentencing re trial and attempts to paint herself as a model inmate who teaches other inmates Spanish and sign language (not braille, thanks NancyB!!), and openly states on her online book review site that she donates books and magazines she receives to "less fortunate inmates" - this portrayal of Arias isn't the one she wants the jury pool to see.

Parts of this story ring true, I can imagine Arias manipulating other inmates into first believing in her innocence, and later as the wrongfully convicted who was battered and abused to the point where murder was an option. "Survivor" t-shirt anyone?  Pa-leeeze. The Fox News interview doesn't say how long Cassandra Collins shared a cell with Arias or what Collins was incarcerated for. I have serious doubts that Jodi Arias has the kind of reach it would take to get to Juan Martinez. However, it shouldn't be completely dismissed since there are nut-bags out there!  I'm referring to people like David Lee Simpson, the man who was arrested in July for making threats against Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchell for the way they covered the Jodi Arias murder trial.  When he was arrested, he was reportedly armed. 

This man became so obsessed he quit his job in Bath, NY and was driving south when he was stopped by law enforcement. In his car, officers discovered several guns, shotgun ammunition, zip ties, handcuffs, binoculars, a knife and a police radio (guess the police radio wasn't working).  Simpson left a Twitter trail of threats that led law enforcement right to him, so a criminal mastermind he is not. But the fact that people like David Lee Simpson are out there is enough cause to take some extra security.

 Arias who seemingly loves to shares her random thoughts and quotes with the outside world via her Twitter account has yet to comment on Collins interview with Troy Hayden.  Will Arias turn on Troy Hayden?  If you recall, Hayden was one of the reporters Arias hand picked for her post conviction interviews - so it will be interesting to see how she reacts.

It will also be interesting to see how the inmates in PRISON react to Jodi Arias' arrival - it's only a matter of time before she ends up in the Arizona State Prison Complex in Goodyear.  I don't believe it will be as easy for her to manipulate the prison population the way she has manipulated the Estrella jail inmates.  I've never been in trouble with the law or incarcerated, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that prison is very different than jail. Arias' time outside of her prison cell will be very limited during the first five years of her sentence, and maximum security prisoners are only allowed one 15-minute phone call per week, with calls being brought to the inmates cell. 

Death row and maximum security inmates eat all meals in their cells, no chow lines - and interviews can only be done over the phone.  She will still have access to the outside world and whoever these people are who are running her websites via the mail. My point being that her circumstances will be changing regardless of the sentence. The best possible outcome for Arias is life in prison, I doubt the possibility of release after serving 25 years is in the cards for her. And prison is prison, and prison is much different than jail. The inmates in jail are generally either being held pending trial, or serving short sentences. In prison, inmates are serving longer sentences for more serious crimes - such as murder. Jodi Arias has lived at the Estrella jail complex for 5 1/2 years now. Even in jail, I'm sure people acclimate to their surroundings and get comfortable with their routine. In jail, Arias has people to talk to - people she has undoubtedly gotten to know and may even consider friends.  When her trial finally concludes, her life in jail will be uprooted and I think when the prison gate shuts behind her the gravity of what she has done may finally hit her.


  1. Always appreciate your detailed articles, My Forte. But one teensy correction - she claims that she will teach inmates sign language not braille, unless she has newly become proficient in that language as well!

    1. NancyB,
      Right you are! Sign language, of course. Not sure why braille came to mind?

    2. NancyB,
      Right you are! Sign language, of course. Not sure why braille came to mind?


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