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Lies, Lies, Lies - Jodi Arias Murder Trial Continues

My, my, my!  The Jodi Arias murder trial continued yesterday and oh my - the lies just get more outlandish every time Jodi Arias opens her mouth.  Yesterday, the jury was shown parts of the 7/15/08 and 7/16/08 police interviews/interrogations between Arias and Detective Esteban Flores.  Knowing what we now know about what Jodi Arias's role was in this senseless and brutal murder, it's just unreal to watch and listen to what she initially tells Detective Flores during those two interviews following her 7/15/08 arrest in Yreka, CA.

I think Detective Flores did an outstanding job with these interviews with Arias.  One of my biggest pet peeves is that often times during these interviews, the detectives interrupt the perpetrator or don't allow them to fully answer a question before moving on to the next question.  This doesn't appear to happen here, and Detective Flores just lets Arias talk, and talk, and talk!  If Arias doesn't end up taking the stand, the jury will hav…