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Jodi Arias Trial - Who's Following The Cash?

It’s been almost two months since a Phoenix jury found Jodi Arias guilty of first degree murder for killing Travis Alexander.  She is now a convicted felon and should not be able to profit in any manner from the notoriety of her crime – and boy was her crime notorious.   The majority of people facing such serious charges resulting from such an unthinkable act of violence against another human being would lay low and perhaps take some time to reflect on what happened, how they ended up behind bars and how they could have possibly taken another human beings life away from them.  Apparently Jodi Arias is not one of the majority. Of the many things that make Jodi Arias such an unlikeable defendant is the manner in which she has conducted herself while awaiting trial.  The shameless media interviews, the numerous lies about how Travis Alexander ended up dead in that shower, the vile and unproven allegations she made about him being a sexual deviant – the list goes on.  Her use of social med…