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"Your Scenario Is Impossible" - Juan Martinez Rips Into Arias Story

It's a thing of beauty when Arizona Prosecutor Juan Martinez relentlessly goes after murder defendant Jodi Arias about how improbable, if not outright impossible her account of what happened that horrible night - June 4, 2008.  After 18 days of Jodi Arias spinning complex tales of being abused as a child, cheated on by boyfriends and "victimized" by the man she murdered, I get a sense of great satisfaction when Arias squares off against the veteran prosecutor.

Coddled by attorney Kirk Nurmi, Jodi Arias seems comfortable and almost appears to enjoy the attention of a national audience. She has "followers", a website dedicated to her innocence and the site takes donations from her supporters. It's understandable that Jodi Arias's family may need financial support to enable them to attend the out of state trial, but the thought of Arias on a commissary shopping spree just seems wrong.

Today, Arias once again squared off against a seasoned and determined Juan…

More Odd Facts - Jodi Arias's Defense Team

Testimony is expected to continue today in the Jodi Arias murder trial. I thought I'd take a look at Arias's attorneys, to see what there areas of expertise are and what their backgrounds may tell us about the way this defense has been structured.

A search of Kirk Nurmi's name brought me to a website:

I'd be interested to see when Jodi Arias's claims that Travis Alexander was a pedophile began - was Kirk Nurmi hired before or after these allegations were raised by Arias?  Here is how Nurmi is represented on his website:

I can provide you with aggressive representation against
any accusation that you committed a sexual offense. Sexual Assault   •   Sex Conduct with a Minor   •   Indecent Exposure
Sexual Exploitation of a Minor   •   Sexual Abuse   •   Molestation of a Child
At the Law Offices of L. Kirk Nurmi, we understand that you do not have to commit a sexual offense to be accused of being a sex offender. We understand that innocent peo…