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New Reports Emerge About Cancun Trip - Was Arias Supposed To Go?

New reports are emerging about the June 10, 2008 Cancun trip that Travis Alexander was going on - the trip that may have been the catalyst for murder. It was reported last night on Jane Valez-Mitchell's show on HLN that "sources" have revealed that Jodi Arias was supposed to accompany Travis Alexander on the company sponsored trip to Cancun, but Alexander changed his mind and invited Marie "Mimi" Hall instead. Arias has maintained throughout the trial that she was not aware that Travis was taking Mimi Hall - instead, she testified that Travis told her he was taking a friend's babysitter.

Here is the link to Jane Valez-Mitchell's HLN report on this from yesterday's show:

The babysitter story never made sense - she claimed that Travis owed this friend money, and was taking the babysitter to Cancun as a form of repayment for a debt. She couldn't come up with a better story than t…