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Jodi Arias - Battered or Scorned Woman?

32 year old murder defendant Jodi Arias broke down in tears in court on Thursday - her hands shook as they covered her face. She was at the end of a grueling cross examination by veteran Arizona prosecutor Juan Martinez and  has spent several weeks on the witness stand.  People are skeptical whether the tears she cried in court were for herself and the possibility of a death sentence or lengthy prison term, or if she is feeling remorse for savagely killing ex boyfriend Travis Alexander.

The trial has been headline grabbing because of the scandalous nature of the testimony heard in the courtroom and the unusual circumstances and evidence uncovered by law enforcement.  It's not often that the prosecutor has photographic evidence depicting a crime in progress, time & date stamped to boot. Without the photos, it would have been more difficult to pinpoint when the victim was killed and prove Arias was there.  The defendant has also drawn further attention to the case by holding a nu…