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Jodi Arias Granted Access To East Queensborough Crime Scene

I just read Jodi Arias petitioned the Court for access to Travis Alexander's East Queensborough home in Mesa, aka "the scene of the crime" - her request was granted. Arias reportedly plans to bring a new investigator to the home where the brutal slaying occurred.  What she hopes to accomplish during her twisted field trip is anyone's guess.  Since Arias' guilt is NOT at issue for the upcoming penalty phase retrial, what can possibly be gained by returning to the scene?  Naturally there are new occupants at the home and they can't be thrilled with the prospect of Jodi Arias in that house.  After all, she is responsible for the horrors that unfolded more than 6 years ago when she yielded a knife and gun, and presumably attacked an unassuming man who was simply taking a shower.

Sadly the house on East Queensborough had become somewhat of a tourist attraction in the years that followed the murder - the people who ultimately purchased it initially thought it had be…

Jodi Arias Trial Delayed.....Again

It's not surprising, yet the news that's bound to make prosecutor Juan Martinez cringe - Judge Sherry Stephens has granted a motion giving Jodi Arias more time to prepare for her upcoming penalty phase retrial.  The trial was slated to begin with jury selection on September 8th is now set for September 29th.  I know the wheels of justice in this country can be painfully slow, but this is beyond ridiculous given that the Arias defense has had a year and a half to prepare for this day.  We basically have a convicted murderer who doesn't get a long with lead attorney Kirk Nurmi. She wants him off her case and he wants to be off the case.  But given the time and resources the state has put into giving Jodi Arias the defense team she fought to keep prior to going to trial, there is no time or resources to allow her to hire another attorney and get them up to speed.  She has competent representation, she doesn't have to like him and vice versa.

She may blame Kirk Nurmi for lo…

Arias' Jail Perks - By Representing Herself, Visits & Calls Increase

I found this photo of Kirk Nurmi and am wondering how old the photo is.  He is sporting a bit of facial hair, and that looks like a wall clock he's wearing on his wrist.  It appears to me that he's begging Judge Stephens to let him off this case!  I have no clue what he's really saying or when the photo was taken but we haven't seen or heard much from or about Jodi Arias' lead attorney in some time.

It's such an outrage that Arias is flip flopping on who will represent her and how the trial will proceed.  The taxpayers have already shelled out probably close to $2,000,000 to pay for her defense - here's a look back at a letter her mother Sandy wrote to Judge Duncan back when Kirk Nurmi was trying to withdraw as her attorney:

Hon. Sally Duncan, My name is Sandy Arias, the mother of Jodi Arias. I am writing to you to plea for my daughter's case. I feel for Mr. Nurmi to quit her case at this point would be detrimental to her defense. He has been helping with …

Cold Justice - TNT Signs On For A Third Season!

TNT recently announced that they've renewed their hit reality crime show Cold Justice for a third season. At least 10 new episodes are on deck and expected to begin airing in January of 2015. Man I love this show!  There are so many reality crime shows out there nowadays - the staples, such as Dateline, 48 Hours, 20/20, The First 48 in addition to the onslaught of new shows on Investigation Discovery and Oxygen's popular Snapped.  Cold Justice is in the same genre of some of these shows, yet to me it's in a league of it's own. Not many crime shows have the impressive and very real statistics they have gotten.  In the first two seasons since the shows inception:

15 arrests8 indictments4 confessions2 guilty pleas1 22- year prison sentenceThose are real results, in addition to being a very informative show that shows the inner workings and challenges that detectives face when re-opening cold murder cases.  The chemistry between veteran former prosecutor Kelly Siegler, form…

Jodi Arias' Motion to Have Kirk Nurmi Removed is Denied

The news surrounding the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial has started to pick up as the September 8th start date approaches.  Jodi Arias Motion to represent herself was granted by Judge Sherry Stephens recently, the second such request Arias has made during her time in the legal system - however, it appears she is having second thoughts about her strategy as she has told Judge Stephens she is willing to "stand down" and not act as her own attorney if they allow Kirk Nurmi to withdraw from the case.

Arias wants to keep Jennifer Willmott on, who she apparently has a better rapport with and if Nurmi were released that would mean the Court would have to assign another attorney to her case - death penalty cases require that the defendant have two qualified attorneys as well as a mitigation specialist. Prosecutor Juan Martinez's interactions with Arias in non-pubic court hearings have made it clear he does not intend on making things easy for Jodi Arias either way.  He has aggr…

Jodi Arias to Represent Herself in Penalty Phase Retrial

The latest news that Jodi Arias will act as her own attorney in her upcoming penalty phase retrial shouldn't come as any surprise to those of us who have been following this ongoing saga for the last 6 years - yet I was indeed surprised!  What is this woman thinking?  She sought to represent herself early on, long before her case went to trial but she seemed to realize then that she was way out of her league in the legal ring.  Can you imagine Jodi Arias going toe to toe with Juan Martinez in a courtroom showdown? I can't believe this isn't going to be televised, as this would surely make for must-see TV.

It's not exactly breaking news that Jodi Arias did not see eye to eye with at least one of her attorneys (Kirk Nurmi) but she seemed to have a better rapport with Jennifer Willmott.  Both Nurmi and Willmott have unsuccessfully petitioned the courts to be removed as her attorneys, perhaps this is their solution?  Will this give her more ammunition on appeals?  As we all…