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Jury Seems Skeptical of Jodi Arias

As the Jodi Arias murder trial continues with more questions from the jury, it seems the jury has some serious concerns with Arias's memory loss, "the fog", her decision to use a gun instead of trying to leave Travis's home and many other parts of her testimony.

Here are some of the questions they have asked so far this morning - these are taken from my notes, so these are not the exact questions but you can get a flavor of what they are asking her:

Question: Is there anybody else who is aware of your memory issues?
Question: Did any of Travis's roommates hear any of your altercations?
Question: Would you consider the incident where Travis choked you stressful? If so, why do you remember it so clearly?
Question: Why were you afraid of the consequences of killing Travis if you did so in self defense?
Question: What happened to the gas cans you borrowed in June, 2008?
Question: During your altercations with Travis, why didn't you scream so somebody could help you?

Jury Questions Cast Doubt Over Arias's Claims

After a morning full of sidebars and discussions between Judge Sherry Stephens, Arias's defense attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott and prosecutor Juan Martinez, Arias got back on the stand to answer some 158 questions submitted by her own jury. It is highly rare to see this happening in a courtroom today - Arizona is only one of three states that allow the jury to ask questions of witnesses. Most juries never hear a murder defendant utter many words during the course of an entire trial, yet this jury has heard Jodi Arias talk for the last 16 consecutive days. She is expected to be back on the stand today, as they were unable to get through the some 158 questions submitted by the jury over the course of her testimony. As she was answering questions yesterday, the jury continued to place additional questions into the box placed there for that purpose.

Hearing the jury questions provides attorneys on both sides an opportunity to take a glimpse into the minds of the jury, and m…