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Jury Seems Skeptical of Jodi Arias

As the Jodi Arias murder trial continues with more questions from the jury, it seems the jury has some serious concerns with Arias's memory loss, "the fog", her decision to use a gun instead of trying to leave Travis's home and many other parts of her testimony.

Here are some of the questions they have asked so far this morning - these are taken from my notes, so these are not the exact questions but you can get a flavor of what they are asking her:

Question: Is there anybody else who is aware of your memory issues?
Question: Did any of Travis's roommates hear any of your altercations?
Question: Would you consider the incident where Travis choked you stressful? If so, why do you remember it so clearly?
Question: Why were you afraid of the consequences of killing Travis if you did so in self defense?
Question: What happened to the gas cans you borrowed in June, 2008?
Question: During your altercations with Travis, why didn't you scream so somebody could help you?
Question: If you were afraid of what Travis was capable of, why did you let him tie you up?
Question: Do you recall the injuries inflicted on Travis on 6/4/08 without looking at the photos?
Question: After you grabbed the gun, did you cock it, slip off a safety or do anything else to it?
Question: Do you have any firearm training, and have you ever shot a .25 caliber gun before 6/4/08?
NOTE:  Interestingly enough, she said she hadn't shot a gun before but was "familiar with them". Didn't she tell Det. Flores she had no knowledge of guns? She said her grandfather's gun looked like a toy.
Question: How far away from you was Travis when you shot him? Not when he lunged but when the shot occurred?
Question: Did Travis keep ammunition at his house?
Question: If Travis lunged at you, why didn't you just move to the side and out of the way?
NOTE: She said "it happened so fast, I didn't have time to think".
Question:  Why do you remember screaming after dropping the knife, but don't remember taking the gun or rope?
Question: You testified that you believed you stabbed Travis based on logic. How do you explain the blood on your hands, clothes and the bloody palm print?
Question: Was Travis sitting in the shower when you dropped the camera?
Question: How did Travis's anger escalate after you shot him?
Question: Was Travis still chasing you after you shot him?
Question: Why did you have 3 separate gas purchases instead of one transaction for all of the gas in Pasadena?
Question: Did you enjoy having sex with Travis?
Question: Why did you wait so long to tell the truth?
NOTE: Same old answer here, but she added this time that it took time to get to this point where she is now. She said that she had written and sent suicide notes to her grandmother's house with instructions "do not open until 11/10/08". That date came and went and she's still here!
Question: If you hadn't been arrested, would you have decided to tell the truth?
Answer:  I honestly don't know.
Question: How many times have you tried to kill yourself?
Question: Why didn't you run out of the house instead of grabbing a gun?
Question: You testified you didn't realize you shot Travis - why didn't you call 911 to help him when the fog lifted?
Question: Would you agree that regarding the 6/4/08 altercation, you came away relatively unscathed compared to Travis who was shot, stabbed and had his throat slashed?
Question:  How could you kiss another man after what you just did to Travis Alexander?
Question: Were you still in the fog when you kissed Ryan?
Question: After all of the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?
Question: What happened to the suicide letters you sent to your grandmother?
Question: How can you say you have no memory issues when you don't remember stabbing Travis 27 times, slashing his throat and shooting him?
Question:  You claim things happened so fast that you didn't have time to think, so why did you think to grab the gun in the closet?

Just a quick update to give you an idea of what they are asking her, in case you don't have access to the trial. I couldn't be happier with the questions they have asked her! It seems to me that they have some serious issues with Jodi Arias's story, her memory loss, the lies - and most importantly, they seem to really be focused in on the absolute viciousness of this attack. Jodi Arias walked away unscathed (as the jury question pointed out), this was a one sided attack or Jodi would've been more seriously injured. I'm so happy that they seem to be really questioning her account of events. 

Kirk Nurmi is questioning Arias again - yes, she's STILL on the stand. The jury questions have to be rattling her attorneys. Let's get her off the stand and get the trial moving forward with the experts!


  1. Thanks for posting all of this. Did you catch how today she mentions "immediately" after the shooting,she struggled with Travis in the bathroom, and that they were near the toilet? Hasn't she been saying all this time that she shot him while they were in the closet? I hope you go some notes re: this answer.I would love to see the floor plan of Travis's home.

    1. Yes, she seems to have been really tried to shore up her defense by using words & phrases like "mortal fear", and "escalating" - I think she fears the jury isn't buying what she's been selling them. Nothing worse than a jury who feels they've been lied to or taken for fools. The only floor plan I've seen is the one they keep showing in court, which doesn't give you a good feel for how close things were. I keep comparing them to the crime scene photos, but it's difficult. I'll add the floor plan that's publicly available to this page. Thanks!

  2. We would like to know who picked Arias up from the Car Rental after she dropped off the car?.....
    And what did she do with the 2 or 3
    gas cans?....
    Did she return the cans to that ex- Boyfriend She had borrowed them from?..
    Martinez nailed her on the third gas can from walmart lie!
    (no return record)

    We hope that another ex Boyfriend,
    Matt McCartney:
    1.Who would never betray her
    2.Who Arias sent the "Magazine" codes to
    has spoken with Martinez has turned State and will sing like a canary.

    Jodi Manipulates everyone she meets!

    There's more to the picture Than meets the eye. Hey hey, my my.

    1. I would love to hear what Matt really knows. She may not believe he would betray her, but if he faced perjury charges he just might tell the truth! I have a feeling Juan Martinez has a few tricks up his sleeve for his rebuttal case. I don't believe Arias had the chance to return the gas cans to Darryl before her arrest, and I think she mentioned a cousin or friend took her to the rental car place? Seems to me it was a relative, but not an immediate relative but I could be wrong. Hope you are right about Matt's potential testimony but I think the jury can now see that she was willing to have somebody commit perjury for her own selfish purposes. This speaks volumes about her character and her claim that she is NOW telling the truth! Thank you, justice for Travis!

  3. I heard her Aunt dropped her off at the rental place,
    I don't know who picked her up. And Brewer didn't
    get his gas cans back.

    1. Anonymous, you may be right. I seem to remember it was a relative that took her to get the rental, but I don't recall testimony about who picked her up when she brought it back. Thanks!

  4. Yikes!

    1. NancyB, I tried to hit your youtube link but am not having any luck. Can you tell me where to search for this clip? What did you search for when you went to youtube or where did you cut/paste the link from? I'd love to check it out....thanks!


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