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Jodi Arias Claims She Got Hepatitis C At Jail

Jodi Arias is back in the news.  While awaiting the start of her penalty phase retrial in Maricopa County, she has filed suit against the jail - alleging that she contracted hepatitis C through an infected needle that was used to give her a tuberculosis shot. Arias also claims that she was denied medical care at the jail when her left silicone breast implant leaked and caused a fungal growth.  There is so much bizarre news related to Jodi Arias over the last few days that I don't know where to start.  Arias also claim that Sheriff Joe put cameras in her cell and forces her to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning or she doesn't get fed! Sheriff Joe is calling Arias' claims "outrageous" and says they are not true. He says the jail plays the national anthem "God Bless America" but doesn't force inmates to sing.

The same documents allege that Sheriff Joe intercepted "sexual letters" between Arias and Travis Alexander's cousin Christop…

New Trial Date Set For Jodi Arias

It seems like a familiar headline when you see it, there's another new date set to begin jury selection for Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial.  This time, it's September 8th.  Chances are, you've heard about this case and the trial-turned-soap opera and full on media frenzy last year in Phoenix, Arizona.  The televised trial propelled HLN's ratings through the roof as they blanketed viewers with coverage of the ongoing saga. With Jane Valez Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew all covering the trial on their HLN time slots, HLN could not get enough of the Jodi Arias murder trial.  And viewers could not get enough programming.  HLN even tailored a show to create more on-air time to talk about the day's events in court - HLN's "After Dark" provided viewers with a daily trial theme, complete with a mock jury to hand down verdicts throughout the 5 month long trial.  This time things will be slightly different.

Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial will n…