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Arias Jury Deliberating Aggravating Circumstances - VERDICT WATCH

In an Phoenix courtroom the aggravation phase began today to decide whether Travis Alexander's murder was conducted in an unusually cruel, heinous and depraved manner.  After a 5-day delay in proceedings, prosecutor Juan Martinez began his opening statement after Judge Sherry Stephens instructed the jury in matters of the law.

Juan Martinez's opening statement was brief - but within a minute of beginning, Kirk Nurmi fired off a series of objections and there were several sidebars! Martinez went on to describe the mental anguish and physical pain Travis Alexander suffered as he was attacked in the shower stall of his home. Seated and without much room to move, he described the pain he likely suffered as Arias drove the knife deep into his heart. Martinez reminded jurors of Arias' alleged suicide attempt while she was being held in a California jail - Nurmi objected.

Martinez continued and described how Arias aborted her suicide attempt with the razor taken from a disposable r…