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Showing posts from December 14, 2013

Jodi Arias and Debra Milke Due in Court Same Day

Fox 10 News' Troy Hayden reported yesterday that earlier this year, Jodi Arias found out that former death-row inmate Debra Milke was being moved to the Maricopa County jail to attend court hearings, and she made a request to jail officials to have Milke housed in the cell next to hers.  As you may know, Debra Milke spent nearly 20 years on death row after being convicted of murder in the death of her young son.  Her conviction was recently overturned and she was taken off death row.  

Earlier this year, Milke was moved from Perryville prison to Maricopa County jail so she could attend hearings in her case.  When Jodi Arias heard this news, she sent a request to jail administrators asking them to put Milke in the cell next to hers! Her request was denied, as inmates are not allowed to pick their "cellies".  How weird is this?  Did Arias want to seek advice from Milke on what death row is like, or was she interested in how Milke got her conviction overturned on appeal? It …

Arias' Motion To Compel Juror Twitter Accounts Denied

There have been some key rulings handed down from Judge Sherry Stephens in the never-ending saga that is the Jodi Arias penalty phase re-trial.  In a December 3, 2013 minute entry, Judge Stephens denied Defendant Arias' Motion to compel juror Twitter accounts:

"In the Motion, Defendant Arias requests the Court order all juror seated in her case to disclose Twitter accounts and/or handles.  Defendant claims the disclosure of this information will assist in investigating whether the jurors have been subjected to any extraneous influences during jury service.  Defendant argues that improper communications between jurors and third parties can invalidate a verdict".  In her ruling, Judge Stephens said "There is no lawful basis for the Court or parties to investigate or monitor jurors absent a credible allegation that juror misconduct has occurred.

The Court will not presume juror misconduct will occur. The Court will not require all jurors to provide their social media acc…