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LaViolette Combative On The Stand

Prosecutor Juan Martinez wasted no time today in questioning defense expert Alyce LaViolette's methods of evaluating murder defendant Jodi Arias as a battered woman. LaViolette was frequently non-responsive to "yes" or "no" questions, and I'm not sure why the Judge hasn't reprimanded her to answer a question as asked but she quipped that Martinez was trying to trick or confuse her. Is she showing her bias in this case?

One of the best points Martinez made this morning was about her referring to Travis seeking out "vulnerable" women. He specifically brought up Chatanya Lei (spelling) and Regan Housley and either IM's or text messages between each woman and Travis Alexander. Martinez pointed out that LaViolette characterized both woman as "vulnerable" based only on written words and without speaking to either. He discussed how LaViolette testified that 90% of all communication is non-verbal, so how could she make such an assumption …

Travis Alexander's Law - Sign This Petition For Change

If you are interested in signing this petition for "Travis Alexander's Law", to prohibit the use of unsubstantiated and claims about murder victims in future trials, please go to this link and sign. They have 8,409 signatures and need 10,000.  Let's all help effect change in our judicial system so another family doesn't have to go through what the Alexander family has been through!

Today, Prosecutor Juan Martinez will continue his cross examination of domestic abuse expert Alyce LaViolette - this should be the last defense witness and her testimony has left many wondering why she chose to believe what Arias has told her about the alleged physical abuse suffered at the hands of Travis Alexander and her parents for that matter. Does LaViolette know that Arias lied to another expert who tried to help her? She lied to Dr. Richard Samuels, who administered tests to Arias under the "2 armed intruder" pretense. 

After listenin…