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Shades of Arias : The Shauna Huber Murder Trial

Well it seems as if there is a new murderess in Kentucky who's antics in the police interrogation room give Jodi Arias a run for the title of most bizarre. 24 year old Shayna Huber's was recently convicted of first degree murder for the 2012 shooting death of boyfriend Ryan Poston in Kentucky and sentenced to 40 years in prison.  There were only 9 days of testimony before fhge jury came back with a verdict.

Ryan Post on was a 29 year old attorney who had just started his own firm specializing in personal injury. He came from a well respected and close family and by all accounts he was a rising star. He was a  very handsome and smart young man who began casually dating after a long term serious relationship had ended. Huber was one of the women he was seeing although close friends insisted Ryan was not serious with her and hadquicklylost interest in her. He was having a hard time ending the relationship as Shauna would not let him go.

She reportedly sent him up to 75 messages a d…