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Shades of Arias : The Shauna Huber Murder Trial

Well it seems as if there is a new murderess in Kentucky who's antics in the police interrogation room give Jodi Arias a run for the title of most bizarre. 24 year old Shayna Huber's was recently convicted of first degree murder for the 2012 shooting death of boyfriend Ryan Poston in Kentucky and sentenced to 40 years in prison.  There were only 9 days of testimony before fhge jury came back with a verdict.

Ryan Post on was a 29 year old attorney who had just started his own firm specializing in personal injury. He came from a well respected and close family and by all accounts he was a rising star. He was a  very handsome and smart young man who began casually dating after a long term serious relationship had ended. Huber was one of the women he was seeing although close friends insisted Ryan was not serious with her and hadquicklylost interest in her. He was having a hard time ending the relationship as Shauna would not let him go.

She reportedly sent him up to 75 messages a day which qualifies as obsessive. Ryan had no shortage of women who wanted to date him and he was supposed to meet a blind date the very night he was killed. His date, set up through friends was with Miss Ohio. I sense this enraged Shauna and she killed him purposely in a jealous rage.  You may see the parallels with Jodi and Travis here, but the police interview tapes seal the crazy link.

After admitting to killing Ryan,Shauna was read her Miranda rights, but she DID NOT remain silent by a long shot! She began to explain her version of events, setting the stage for the old go-to self defense battered woman scenario. She told detectives that Ryan threw her around the room and into walls. She exposed her neck, throat and arms for photos that didn't show even the tiniest of bruising, scratches or any other injury one would expect in a self defense killing. The fact that she shot Post on SIX times didn't jive with self defense either but rather an execution.

Huber asked detectives a handful of questions about prison life. She wanted to know if she would be able to bring her phone, if she would be able to shower or if they just live dirty. She expressed shock after asking if she would  have to
Shower in front of other prisoners! Welcome to the Department of Corrections! When the detectives left Huber alone in the interview room, the crazy went out on full display as she did some ballet moves around the table, belted out a few verses of Amazing Grace and rambled to herself "I did it, I DID It" ,very creepy almost as if singing a song. 

She drank several glasses of water and paced the room. All the while the detectives were careful to not ask HER anything as she asked for a lawyer, although Shauna just kept on talking and digging a nice hole for herself throughout. The most calleous comment she made was about the victimRyan. She told detectives that Ryan was vain and wanted a nose job. She said "I gave him the nose job he always wanted". Wow, did she really just say that? 

Missing from her explanation of what happened that night was emotion, regrer, remorse or any other form of empathy for Ryan or his family or friends. Not a single tear. I'm telling you, it scares me that there are more of these women out there. I also think a 40 year sentence where she could be out in 20 is just not severe enough. She shot him 6 times in the face and many of those were to the face, as if she wanted to destroy his handsome face.

I just saw this story on 20/20, and I'd like to know more. Please post comments if you  are familiar with the case! Until next time....

In other developments, Jodi Arias has been ordered to pay the Alexander family $32,000 in restitution. That was ordered by the trial judge and I believe its separate from any wrongful death suit proceedings. I'm still having to post from a tablet, so I'm unable to do a lot other than type one letter at a time so I apologize for any typos I miss!  Take care until the next jealous nutbag strikes. 

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