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Arias Jury Having Trouble With Unanimous Decision

Oh no. After only 3 hours of deliberating over life and death for Jodi Arias, the jury has sent Judge Stephens a note that they were unable to reach a unanimous decision.  Judge Stephens spoke to the jury in court and encouraged them to continue to forge ahead, and if they have any questions on the law she encouraged them to ask her.

I'm surprised that after such a short time, they are seemingly deadlocked!  I don't know how unusual this is for a jury, but I'd imagine it's a difficult decision for each of them.  If they are unable to reach an unanimous verdict, a mistrial will be declared for this phase of the trial - they would then potentially enpanel a new jury to handle the sentencing phase. The new jury would have to accept the guilty verdict, complete with aggravators. The decision would be life or death.  How long would this process take, if they had to choose a new jury? Given the pace of the current trial, this could potentially drag out for some time - also th…

Jodi Arias' Arrogance Evident From New Media Interviews

One would think that a person convicted of first degree murder and waiting to hear whether they will be sentenced to death would be solemn and silently hopeful. Then again, we've never come across the likes of Jodi Ann Arias before.  Arias, shortly after delivering her allocution to the jury via a PowerPoint presentation was returned to the Estrella jail in Phoenix and promptly began what is expected to be a flurry of media interviews.  Are you kidding me? Why is this happening? Why did Judge Sherry Stephens lift the media ban for this convicted murderer? Aren't her attorneys complaining about the excessive media coverage as grounds for a mistrial?

My shock and outrage is beyond words. I suppose we could blame the media for feeding into Arias' ego by eagerly sitting down and talking to this woman, or we could lay blame with the public. Like a automobile accident, the wreckage is horrific yet you can't look away.  I would have hoped the media would shut Arias down, much …