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Why is Casey Anthony Talking Now??

Regardless of what you think of the Casey Anthony case and the verdict, there are some things that simply will never make sense to me.  With Casey speaking out after years of silence about her experience with the trial, she still hints at her father's involvement in the cover up of a simple accidental drowning.  This never made sense to me - George was in law enforcement at some point in his life.  Police officers tend to do the right thing.  If Caylee did truly drown in the pool, unfortunately a common occurrence in Florida, why go to such great lengths to cover up an accident?

Secondly, George's grief at his granddaughter's absence/disappearance seemed genuine to me.  It's difficult to fake that type of anguish.  You saw it every time Cindy & George were caught on TV.  You could sense that although outwardly they were suppo rtive of their daughter, I don't believe George trusted her or believed her story.  But his wife Cindy is a very strong and outgoing woman who seemed to call the shots in that family.  I don't know how they could believe Casey's lies about this nanny.

One thing that was really never suggested at trial is the idea that the duct tape may have been placed over little 2 year old Caylee's mouth to make it appear to fit the kidnapping story.  That's what I thought from day one.  Casey had her story and she would stick to it until the trial began when they moved to the "dad molested me" defense.  Sickening to think she could allow her attorney to throw her (supportive) father under the bus to save her own skin.  I never bought that story, although that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before!  I just personally saw it as a convenient way to distract the jury from the facts and evidence in this case.  

Fact #1 - THERE IS NO NEED TO COVER UP AN ACCIDENTAL DROWNING, especially of a 2 year old child.

Fact #2 - THERE IS NO WAY a normal mother would not report said drowning, call 911 or try to get help there when or if Caylee was discovered in the pool.  I cannot see George carrying Caylee out and offering to take care of discarding her body like trash.  I'll just never buy that story.  I don't know if the jury bought it, or just didn't feel the prosecution had enough or definitive cause of death to convict her of murder.  I am shocked she wasn't convicted of SOMETHING for failure to report her child missing for a month.  Maybe that isn't a crime in the state of Florida.  It should be in all 50 states.

So Casey's life goes on.  Reportedly she is supported by members of her defense team, working and living with one of the investigators on the team.  Do they actually believe her story?  I just find it all so outrageous, still - all these years later I truly believe she got away with at the very least child neglect and perhaps murder or manslaughter.  If she loved that child as much as she claimed, she would have been out of her mind with grief the first day she was missing.  Photo evidence shows the exact opposite.  She was out partying with her friends and apparently making up for the lost time she spend being a mother of a 2 year old child who required her attention.  I hope someday she will reveal the truth but that's highly unlikely.  She's been proven to be a liar (also because of the family dynamics, according to her legal team) and she'll lie about Caylee's death for the rest of her life, even though double jeopardy protects her from prosecution.

This has all been brought up again because of the Investigation Discovery special that will be airing in April - "Casey Anthony, an American Murder Mystery".  I was hooked on this case as I was on the Scott Peterson trial and Jodi Arias' trial.  I just never wrote about those cases before.  I'll never understand how the jury bought the covering up of an accidental drowning.  Who does that?  There is nothing criminal about an accidental drowning and they couldn't have been that frightened of Cindy's reaction to concoct this story and toss their granddaughter's body in the swampy woods like garbage.  It's just not likely to have happened that way.

What do you all think?  Did Casey get away with murder?  Was it an accidental death of some kind?  It may have been, but I truly believe George knew nothing about it.  It shows you what kind of person Casey Anthony is to still be pointing the finger at her own father all these years later.  Haven't the Anthony's lost enough?  They lost the granddaughter they adored, I believe they lost their home and I don't know if either of them are currently employed but this event changed their entire world forever.  If they are still sticking together, things can't be easy on them.

I'm looking forward to the ID special and hoping it uncovers some new facts previously unknown to the general public.  I think Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson will forever be known as the two people who beat the justice system.  I don't know exactly what Casey is guilty of but she's guilty of something.  I just wish she'd tell the truth for once in her life.  

I think the prosecution did a decent job in presenting their case against Casey, but they spent too much time focusing on the partying of Casey.  Sure it's part of the case.  But more time should have been spent on drilling down on the fact that SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHERE HER 2 YEAR OLD WAS for a whole month and told nobody.  That seems to be the action of someone with something to hide. Why avoid your parents, lie about where Caylee was for all of that time if she accidentally drowned?  It was a weak defense, with is why they felt the need to bring the allegations of George being a pedophile into the case - to explain away Casey's odd reaction to her daughter being gone.,

It still blows me away that she's been a free woman for years now.  But that's the way it goes with our justice system.  Sometimes people get away with criminal actions and sometimes innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn't commit.  I think you can guess what I think.  I wonder what you all think?

Why is Casey talking now?  Is she being paid for these interviews?  I don't know what exactly her motive is unless it's financial.  She knows people still believe she's guilty and she says she doesn't give a sh**.  Classy.  I haven't read Jose Baez's book or Jeff Ashton's book on the case and trial.  Tune in, I'm sure we haven't heard the last from Casey Anthony.

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