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Arias Makes More Shocking Allegations....

Jodi Arias was back on the witness stand today for more graphic and controversial testimony about her relationship with murder victim Travis Alexander. She described a package she received from Alexander around Valentines Day, 2007 which contained the now infamous T-Shirt that had "Travis Alexander's" printed on it, the shorts with "Travis'" on the rear - and now we are hearing about the Spider Man underwear in the same package. 

In a bizarre twist, Arias claims Travis was insistent that she wore the "little boy sized" Spider Man underwear, even though they didn't really fit her.  Perhaps the most outrageous thing said in court this morning was when Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi questioned Arias about the first time she had sexual intercourse with Alexander.  She described a visit to his Mesa home in which she went to sleep clothed, and woke up "with him inside of her".  Nurmi stopped short at 

calling it rape, but it wasn't hard to …