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Arias Makes More Shocking Allegations....

Jodi Arias was back on the witness stand today for more graphic and controversial testimony about her relationship with murder victim Travis Alexander. She described a package she received from Alexander around Valentines Day, 2007 which contained the now infamous T-Shirt that had "Travis Alexander's" printed on it, the shorts with "Travis'" on the rear - and now we are hearing about the Spider Man underwear in the same package. 

In a bizarre twist, Arias claims Travis was insistent that she wore the "little boy sized" Spider Man underwear, even though they didn't really fit her.  Perhaps the most outrageous thing said in court this morning was when Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi questioned Arias about the first time she had sexual intercourse with Alexander.  She described a visit to his Mesa home in which she went to sleep clothed, and woke up "with him inside of her".  Nurmi stopped short at 

calling it rape, but it wasn't hard to tell where he was going with his questions. She described in detail going to sleep next to Travis, then waking up with him on top of, and inside of her. She said she rolled away from him, and then he pushed her head down beneath the covers for oral sex. She said this encounter made her uncomfortable, yet "they never talked about it" after that night. If this really happened, why did this woman keep going back time and time again?

The photos in this page were also entered into evidence as Arias described a trip she took with Travis Alexander to Niagara Falls and The Sacred Grove in June of 2007.  She told the jury that prior to the NY trip, she had become suspicious of Travis during a trip to Utah - she took his phone while he was asleep, and went through his text messages and found messages from other women. Among her allegations - he was messing around with a married woman.  She says never asked him about the text messages, and took the trip to NY with him because the trip was already planned and paid for.  She claims she was miserable during that trip - you be the judge - does she look miserable in these photos to you?  If you were upset about your significant other being unfaithful - wouldn't you cancel this trip, regardless of the non-refundable status of the tickets? This woman has an answer for everything. Too bad none of them are reasonable.

Nurmi asked her why she continued to see him after discovering he had been cheating on her, and she stated "I didn't have a lot of self esteem at that time, I was a doormat". She explained that Travis had a book "1,000 Places To See Before You Die", and Travis talked about visiting these places. Niagara Falls was one of those places (I believe Cancun was on the list too). Sadly, he wouldn't visit many more of these places before being killed. Creepy in itself, Jodi Arias's MySpace page has a photo album dedicated to her "1,000 Places to See"....  The pair returned from the East Coast and went on a trip Arias won through Pre Paid Legal to Huntington Beach, CA.  From there, they visited Disneyland.

She told the jury that she wanted to break up with him before, during and after this trip - but she couldn't work up the nerve to do so. She said she was "planning to drop the bomb" on him in Riverside, CA where she dropped him off at his grandmother's house, but lost her nerve.  She returned to Big Sur in CA and on June 29, 2007 she confronted him on the phone about the text messages she viewed on his phone in Utah.  They decided to break up during the phone call, but Travis called her the next day and apologized and said he would change - but yet she said the call became sexual in nature?  I don't understand this woman's testimony. 

Her own attorney asked her why she even took his call the day after they broke up, and why she didn't hang up when the call turned sexual - she said the things he was saying made her feel "sexy and attractive". She liked the attention she was getting from him at this point.  Throughout this graphic testimony, the photos above were on a monitor in front of her.  She showed no emotion as she described the incident in Mesa where he supposedly initiated sex with her while she was asleep.  Wouldn't that have upset most people?  Apparently it didn't upset Jodi Arias.  Is that because of the kind of person she is, or because it didn't happen that way?  Again, you be the judge!

More of Jodi Arias's family is in the courtroom today. Her father and one of her brothers were seen on camera today, along with her mother and her mom's identical twin sister.  Travis Alexander's family is there as well.  His younger sister looks so much like Travis. This has to be torture for them to listen to!  All of this before the lunch break.  Wow.  I can only imagine what's coming next.

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