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The End is Near For Jodi Arias - Next Stop Perryville Prison

The clock is ticking down for Jodi Arias and her defense team and her days at the Estrella jail are numbered, regardless of the numerous outlandish motions filed by her defense team the end is near and this saga will be done.  For the Alexander family and those of us who have watched in utter disgust as this trial has dragged on beyond my wildest estimate of time it should take to sentence a person already tried and convicted of murder in the first degree, it's time to end this! 

Jodi received her very costly and lengthy trial and she was ultimately found guilt by a jury of her peers..unable to decide on punishment, a mistrial was declared and it took more than a year to get the case in front of a newly seated jury. The new jury heard a streamlined summary of facts and evidence from the first trial presented by prosecutor Juan Martinez. But then came the defense witnesses. Much like the case in chief, the defense paraded in more questionable experts who again based their findings on the word of a well documented liar in Jodi Arias and continued their defense by mudslinging and character assassination of the murder victim Travis Alexander.

This is supposed to be about the penalty or sentence the convicted murderer should receive, but it's turned into a continuation of  trashing Travis in another
 a weak attempt to justify her hideous plotting , planning and execution of murder..still trying to make the jury believe Travis deserved to be tricked, ambushed and slaughtered. When that tactic didn't appear to be working it was on to prosecutorial misconduct and the big bas media machine. The media has made it impossible for Arias to put on a complete mitigation case, claims attorney Kirk Nurmi..but that argument is full of holes as we all know how Jodi has gone out of her way to talk to that same media group she claims has so harmed her trial..Arias can't testify in public yet she can take her case to the Internet every chance she gets asking for your support and more importantly your hard earned cash! She is perhaps the most arrogant and despicable murderer tin recent memory as she to this very day continues to exploit her notoriety from spilling Travis' blood.

Her Appellate Fund continues to collect money to fund Arias appeals when we can be fairly certain she will utilize a court appointed legal team. The money collected in that JAA Appellate Fund is non refundable and is not tax deductible..Arias has pledged the money will be used to employ the best possible legal representation she can find but in reality nobody seems accountable for what the funds are being used for and I would be surprised if any of it is used for the funds stated purpose..
arias attorneys have been successful at stopping and otherwise delaying the trial by filing a flurry of motions, each of which must be considered and ruled on..the judge in this trial has seemingly lost all control over this trial and seems to be so afraid of something coming back on appeal that she's let the defense call the shots! It's not the way a trial should be run..the judge should be calling the shots and she needs to keep this trial moving and stop the madness now. This tail is one for the books and I believe it is an example of what can happen in a high profile case..nowArias' latest ploy is that since she has 14 mitigation witnesses who refuse to publicly testify they are again claiming they cannot put on their mitigation case as Jodi' 14 witnesses are so terrified for their lives they won't take the stand. When did this become a mob trial? What do they want to go into the witness protection program? Please! Stop the madness.

I personally have serious doubts she has 14witnesses PERIOD! Where did all of these witnesses come from between the last trial and now? And we are expected to take their word that every one of them are too fearful to appear in court? This just doesn't sound plausible or probable. The defense has no defense is what it boils down to. Jodi did not kill Travis out of self defense or because of pornography..she hunted him down and ambushed and killed him out of pure jealousy and the rage of being rejected and to top it off, she could NOT allow Travis to take anOther woman to Cancun where things could turn romantic.

She plotted and planned this murder and if that isn't a death penalty case I'm not sure what is..the day 
Near and the sentence will soon be handed matter oh
Iw many motions or delays they file it's coming to an end. I can only hope the Alexander's can attach the funds Arias collected from her various ventures and support stes so the exploitation of Travi
S Alexander's death ends once and for all. What nerve this woman has. Talk about heartless and greedy? That's the least of it. Arias is going away for a long long time IF her life is spared it would be far more generous than the sentence given to bt

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