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Jury Questions Alyce LaViolette - They Seem Skeptical

Alyce LaViolette is facing some tough jury questions this afternoon. So far, the tone seems a bit skeptical, yet LaViolette continues to speak poorly about Travis Alexander and glowingly about Arias. The jury tone seems to be similar to what we have discussed in this forum. They want to know if LaViolette reviewed any of Arias's journals from earlier in her life. She disclosed that she only reviewed from 2006-2008 in making her assessment. The jury asked if LaViolette would have been able to get a better overall feel for who Jodi Arias is if she had gone farther back in her life.

The jury asked if she had spoken to any of Travis's family or friends or reviewed any materials to or from them. LaViolette read ONE email either to or from one of his sisters! That's it? The jury asked what she was able to learn about Travis Alexander during her review of the case. LaViolette managed to say some nice things about him at first, saying that he was known to be a very good motivationa…

More Of The Same From Defense Expert Alyce LaViolette

The Jodi Arias murder trial is turning into one long "Twilight Zone" episode....After a scouring cross examination yesterday by veteran Arizona prosecutor Juan Martinez, LaViolette welcomed questions from defense attorney Jennifer Willmott and theme was the same. Jodi Arias was a victim of domestic violence and abuse, and Travis Alexander was a controlling and abusive man who dominated Arias and according to LaViolette, was not in fear of Arias despite his telling people so. 

I'm wondering if LaViolette is clairvoyant, in addition being an expert in domestic violence. I don't recall seeing that on her resume. I continue to be stunned, amazed and outraged that LaViolette has taken these leaps, to walk into a court of law and testify how somebody else felt. Nobody is qualified to testify as to the way Travis Alexander may or may not have felt about Jodi Arias, except for Travis himself - if Jodi Arias hadn't killed him, perhaps he could set the record straight for M…

Jodi Arias "Tweets" About Juan Martinez From Behind Bars

Murder defendant Jodi Arias has reportedly been "tweeting" from behind bars. Fox is reporting that Arias, through former jailhouse buddy Donavan Bering has been sending tweets to her 1600 "followers" on Twitter. Although the Maricopa County Sherriff's Office is aware of this activity, they say there is nothing they can do about it. The Twitter account is not Arias's. Arias speaks to Bering frequently via phone, and Arias gives her updates and messages to send to her supporters. On Wednesday night, Bering reportedly posted a link to what is being described as Arias's "personal website", where she continues to hold auctions for her jailhouse artwork. Why is this being allowed? Why aren't they taking any and all proceeds and putting any gains towards her $1.4 million dollar defense?

Yesterday in court, a reference was made to a "manifesto" written by Arias - apparently she wrote it in the event that she was ever famous. She …