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Dr. Richard Samuels To Testify As Expert Witness for Jodi Arias

**UPDATE** Dr. Samuels is on the stand.  He just referred to "foggy and cloudy" memory issues that occur when our brains are under stress. Could that be the origin on the "fog" terminology Arias has been using all along? He also just referred to a person who shakes, uncontrollably under certain situations! The terminology they are using is just TOO close to how Arias & Co. have been describing her issues with memory. Tailor-made statements!

Oh boy - here we go again.  Trial has been delayed, and the attorneys are now arguing about the defense witness who will testify next - Dr. Richard Samuels. Dr. Samuels is a "Clinical and and Forensic Psychologist" out of the Scottsale Arizona area. He has testified as an expert witness many times and his background and training is actually fairly impressive (see

The prosecutor is objecting to a Power Point presentation that Dr. Samuels is planning to use today - Jua…