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Jodi Arias Featured on Oxygen's "Snapped"

I knew it was only a matter of time before Jodi Arias was featured on Oxygen's Snapped, and tonight the first part of a 2-part special on the tragic story airs at 9:00PM ET.  Snapped tells the stories of female killers, and over the years they have featured many high profile cases as well as some not so well known to the public.  They are all chilling, and they do a pretty good job of telling the backstory and facts and circumstances leading up to a murder. Snapped airs in marathon runs on Sundays in my area. 

Snapped has been on air for 13 seasons and has featured Celeste Beard Johnson, Susan Wright, Clara Harris, Pamela Smart, Susan Polk, Mary Winkler, Michelle Michael, Shawna Nelson, Susan Grund, Kelly Ryan, Dalia Dipollito, Rachel Wade and many many more. 

Tonight's show takes a in depth look at the relationship between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander, starting at the beginning of their relationship and through the savage murder, the media circus around the trial and all the…