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Jodi Arias Featured on Oxygen's "Snapped"

I knew it was only a matter of time before Jodi Arias was featured on Oxygen's Snapped, and tonight the first part of a 2-part special on the tragic story airs at 9:00PM ET.  Snapped tells the stories of female killers, and over the years they have featured many high profile cases as well as some not so well known to the public.  They are all chilling, and they do a pretty good job of telling the backstory and facts and circumstances leading up to a murder. Snapped airs in marathon runs on Sundays in my area. 

Snapped has been on air for 13 seasons and has featured Celeste Beard Johnson, Susan Wright, Clara Harris, Pamela Smart, Susan Polk, Mary Winkler, Michelle Michael, Shawna Nelson, Susan Grund, Kelly Ryan, Dalia Dipollito, Rachel Wade and many many more. 

Tonight's show takes a in depth look at the relationship between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander, starting at the beginning of their relationship and through the savage murder, the media circus around the trial and all the way up to the guilty verdict.  They promise first hand accounts and never before seen interviews with friends of Travis Alexander and experts who covered the trial. They interviewed both Jodi and Travis' former co-workers which should be interesting.  We've heard from people who used to work with Jodi how obsessive she was about Travis - at one of the restaurants she used to work at, a former colleague said there were days when Arias would sit out in the parking lot refusing to start work until she got a hold of Travis.  We also learned during the trial coverage that Jodi once drove from the Palm Desert area directly through to Mesa after work one night, just to see Travis.  This sounds like textbook stalking to me.

I don't know if Travis' family was interviewed or appear on this episode of Snapped. They have remained largely out of the media spotlight throughout the horrible 5+ year ordeal, speaking at times through Justice 4 Travis Facebook postings. They are clearly more interested in getting through this trial, and having their brother's murderer sentenced one way or another.  Snapped also will feature an interview with Juror #6, Diane Schwartz - who voted in favor of sending Arias to death row.  This case has been blanketed with media coverage yet it continues to draw in viewers across the country. I have been one of those people who cannot get enough trial coverage. The story caught my attention because of the sheer brutality of the murder, and the woman responsible who lied at every turn while thrusting herself into the media spotlight.  The lies, the photos - how a seemingly average woman could commit such a brutal crime and go on to Utah to see another man?

It's unthinkable.  Normal people don't behave this way, they couldn't continue on to Utah to see another person.  A normal person would be completely devastated and shaken to the core.  Even if you believe Jodi Arias' story of self defense and abuse, why did she go to Mesa that night and disarm her cell phone? If she and Travis really got into a fight that started in the bathroom shower area and he was soaking wet, there's no way he could have body slammed her while wet and slippery.  I'll never believe that she couldn't escape the danger she perceived she was in that night.  She was dressed, he wasn't. She was dry, he was wet.  She could have and should have been out the door and down the stairs before things got out of hand. Her story doesn't make sense. None of them do.  People who act in self defense have no reason to clean up or alter a crime scene, and they have absolutely no reason to not call the police if they have been in a fight for their life.  How could she kill him the way she did and then proceed on like nothing ever happened?

We know from Ryan Burns' testimony that Jodi Arias arrived and acted completely normal.  How can somebody tear into another person's flesh and watch them bleed out and die and then carry out all of the things she did afterwards? The camera, the bedding, dragging the body back to the shower? How could a person do that?  Jodi Arias is a perfect candidate to be featured on Snapped. You can bet I'll be watching tonight, and waiting until Jodi Arias is finally sentenced for murdering Travis Alexander.  My hope is that once she is sentenced, she will fade into the background and be forgotten.

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